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3 Simple and Functional Steps to Practice Mindfulness

Many people I’ve worked with have shared that they struggle with living on autopilot. They describe it as just going through the motions and they cannot truly live in the moment. They say this is exhausting.

Practicing mindfulness can interrupt autopilot mode. Mindfulness is being connected to the present and being more aware of what is happening now. Practicing mindfulness allows you not to be easily swept away by your thoughts and emotions that can manifest as stress, anxiety, and depression.

1. Focuses on breathing. Simply bring your attention to your breath, direct your full focus to the sensations of breathing. Experience each inhale and exhale which will bring your awareness to the present. Slow and deep breaths also bring your nervous system back to its natural state of calm.

2. Focuses on any daily activity that you already do. I’ll use drinking coffee or tea for example. Instead of mechanically going through this moment, take time to slow down with this activity. Hold the cup with both hands and feel the warmth, be intentional about tasting each sip and taking in the aroma. By doing this you are bringing awareness & gratitude to the experience which is more satisfying.

3. Focus on your thoughts. Instead of pushing them away or avoiding them, simply observe them without judgment. Begin to develop a new relationship with your thoughts and loosen their hold on you. You will begin to see that thoughts are like visitors, you can invite them to come and go.

If you want more information on ways to release anxiety, work through depression, and live more fully in the present, you can call today at 954-391-5305 or visit my website.

I look forward to helping you live more in the present moment!


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