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How to Choose a Therapist Near Me

Find the Right Therapist Near Me

Finding a therapist who is the right fit for your specific needs and goals is one of the most important decisions you can make. Therapy is a valuable investment in yourself and your future so you want to make sure you’re getting the best return on that investment. 


If you’re not comfortable with your therapist, you may not feel safe enough to be fully honest and may not feel as committed to the process, which could sabotage the results you hope to achieve from counseling. 


Research shows that the therapeutic relationship is the second most influential factor in successful client outcomes. The top influential factor is the client (of course) and their level of motivation for change, support system, and resources. However, when it comes to the relationship you have with your therapist, this is more important that theoretical model or approach. 


There are many different types of therapists (Psychologists; Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists; Licensed Clinical Social Workers; Licensed Mental Health Counselors), which can make it confusing for consumers. Whatever specific discipline you choose to work with, you want to make sure you’re working with someone who is Licensed and has experience working with the specific niche you need help with. 


In addition to their professional designation, each therapist will have their own unique style, personality, and therapeutic approach to working with you. 


It’s important to do your research when looking for a local psychologist or counselor. Here are the steps to take when looking for the best therapist or expert psychologist in your area.

If you're located in the state of Florida, we can help with our online counseling (telehealth) options and if you're located in south Florida or Broward County, we have 3 offices for your convenience (Fort Lauderdale, FL; Coral Springs, FL; and Plantation, FL). Contact us for your complimentary consultation at 954-391-5305 or click the link below to schedule your consult. 

Identify the Type of Services You Need 


Once you realize it’s time to start looking for an expert therapist or psychologist, you’ll need to clarify the type of service you’re looking for. It’s good to start thinking about this before asking for recommendations so you can be clear about the type of referral you’re looking for. 


Therapists and psychologists for the most part have niches that they specialize in, which means they have extensive training and experience helping people overcome specific challenges. It’s best to see a specialist rather than a generalist to get the best possible results from your sessions. Let’s think about this in medical terms, if you had a serious issue with your heart, you wouldn’t see your primary care physician, you would see an expert cardiologist. 

Here are some tips to get clear on the type of service you need: 

  • Start by identifying the age range of the soon to be client (child counseling, teen counseling, young adult counseling, or elderly adult counseling)

  • Then, decide the type of service you’re looking for such as: individual counseling; family counseling; couples counseling; premarital counseling; or psychological evaluations and testing. 

  • Then, identify the category of problem you want to resolve or find solutions for. Sometimes, it’s not super clear and that’s ok, but if you can identify the gist of the issues and communicate that to the therapist, it’s super helpful when determining whether they are the best therapist for you. 

  • For example:

  • If you need help for your relationship after your partner had an affair, you would ask for a couples therapist who specializes in affair recovery. ​​

  • If you need a therapist for your child who is acting out at home and/or school, you would ask for a recommendation for a family therapist who works with kids. 

  • If you need a therapist for your teen who struggles with anxiety, you would ask for a recommendation for a therapist who specializes in anxiety and works with teens. 

Tap Into Your Professional Network 


Ask a trusted professional for a referral to a therapist who specializes in your specific area of need. This could be your primary care physician, pediatrician, guidance counselor, attorney, or another professional. 


Once you get a recommendation, do your own research by looking the referrals up online to ensure they work with the specific presenting problem you’re struggling with.


Remember, there’s no shame in asking for help. It takes strength and courage to reach out and there are a lot of amazing counselors out there ready and waiting to help you find the solutions you deserve. Everyone could benefit from seeing a therapist so you’re not alone.

Do Your Own Research to Find an Expert Therapist


We have such an amazing resource right at our fingertips with being able to ask google questions and getting immediate options. Open your computer or browser on your phone and then type the following phrases into the search engine: “therapist near me” or “psychologist near me”. 


If you know the specific area you want help with, you can include that in your search for more specialized clinicians in your area who can help. For example, you could type any variation of the following phrases to get options for local therapists and psychologists who specialize in the area you need. 


Schedule Your Free Phone Consultation

Did you know that you can request a complimentary phone consultation with your potential therapist? This allows you to ensure you’re setting up a session with a therapist you feel comfortable with and is going to be the best fit for your situation. 


It’s a great opportunity to get a sense of their style, personality, and approach to working with your specific needs and goals.


Here are some great questions to ask your potential psychologist or therapist: 


  • Are you accepting new clients? 

  • Can you tell me about your approach to working with the XXX problem (your specific struggle)? 

  • How effective are you in helping people who struggle with the same issues I am? 

  • What can I expect from XXX (your specific type of therapy service, for example: couples counseling; teen anxiety therapy; ADHD evaluation; etc)?

  • What are your hours of availability? 

  • Do you take my insurance? If not, how much are sessions?

  • How long are the sessions? 

  • What are the next steps to getting scheduled? 

You deserve to find a therapist who is going to be a great fit for you, let us help!


As you can see, there’s a lot that goes into finding a therapist who is the right fit. At Bayview Therapy, we want to make this process as easy as possible for you. That’s why we have a team of 30+ expert therapists located in our beautiful, spa-like offices who specialize in different areas, speak multiple languages (English, Spanish, and Portuguese) and offer different price points for services to best meet the needs of our community. 


We have offices conveniently located in Fort Lauderdale (close to Lighthouse Point, Pompano Beach, Hollywood, and Boca Raton); Coral Springs (close to Parkland, west Boca Raton, and Coconut Creek); and Plantation (close to Davie, Weston, Pembroke Pines, and Sunrise). 

Give us a call at 954.391.5305. Our client care coordinator would be happy to speak with you to get an understanding of your needs and goals. Then, we’ll match you with a therapist who would be the best fit for you.

You’ll have an opportunity for a complimentary phone consultation with them to get a sense of their unique style, personality, and approach. Then, when you’re ready to move forward, you’ll schedule your first session. You’ll be well on your way towards a healthier and happier you!

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