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ADHD Testing for Children & Adults in Fort Lauderdale

Does your child have trouble paying attention and get easily distracted?

You're tired of constantly reminding your child to get tasks done. You've become a nag and you don't like that about yourself. You've wondered, ‘How can my child play video games for two hours straight, but getting them to finish fifteen minutes of homework seems like torture? You're tired of getting the phone calls from school letting you know they forgot to bring homework to school, lost their books, or misplaced personal belongings. 


Maybe your child get side-tracked or have difficulty finishing chores, homework, or schoolwork. You've noticed that they have a hard time starting or finishing tasks that require sustained effort or seem boring. Maybe you've noticed that your child makes careless mistakes in schoolwork or other activities...


Maybe it's a huge challenge getting your child to sit still or stay quiet when they are expected to do so. It's almost like they seem to run around with an endless amount of energy. You've also noticed that they have a hard time waiting in line or waiting for their turn.


Maybe you're frustrated, because they talk incessantly and are constantly interrupting conversations at home or at school. Your child's teachers complain that they disrupt others in class or that they blurt out answers during class. Maybe you've even gotten complaints that they have a hard time keeping their hands to themselves. 

You've wondered if your child has ADHD, but you've never actually had them properly evaluated by a psychologist. You've talked to their pediatrician or teachers about the possibility of ADHD and are ready to find the answers. 

You've come to the right place.


We can help you find the answers and get a road map for success by meeting with our expert psychologist who can provide an ADHD evaluation. Contact Dr. Heather Kuhl, LMFT at (954) 391-5305 ext. 4 today to discuss how ADHD testing can help your child or teen have greater academic success and a happier home life as well! 

Do difficulties with attention or hyperactivity interfere in your personal and professional life?


You've noticed that friends and coworkers constantly say, “You never listen.” You find yourself having difficulty remembering important details and forgetting deadlines at work. You get easily overwhelmed by responsibilities at work and/or home leaving you feeling stuck not knowing where to start.  

Maybe you frequently misplace important things needed for daily tasks such as your keys, phone, wallet, or eyeglasses. Perhaps you have difficulty organizing and planning for future events or activities. Maybe you have trouble keeping personal or workspace organized.

Maybe you make impulsive decisions that get you in trouble personally or professionally. People often complain that you interrupt them or intrude in conversations. Maybe this leads to problems with relationships at work or home?

Perhaps you feel restless and have a hard time winding down. Are you fidgety and have trouble sitting still? Is it difficult to wait your turn or stand in long lines? Perhaps you’ve wondered if you have ADHD?

Help is here!


Our psychologist can perform an ADHD evaluation to give you answers and develop a personalized game plan to help you succeed personally and professionally. Contact Dr. Kuhl, PsyD, LMFT today at (954) 391-5305 to schedule ADHD testing and take the first step to finding success at work, home, and in your relationships.

You’re not the only one...

Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is one of the most commonly diagnosed mental health disorders in childhood. More than 9% of children are diagnosed with ADHD, with higher prevalence for boys than girls with a ratio of 3:1.


During the adult years, men are also more likely to be diagnosed with ADHD when compared to women with the overall rate estimated at approximately 4.4%. However, this is believed to be an underestimate as most child with ADHD are at risk to carry the diagnosis into adulthood. Interestingly, only 25% of adults with ADHD are diagnosed in childhood or adolescence. 


ADHD is a neurodevelopmental disorder, which is a disability related to the brain. ADHD affects brain development contributing to deficits with the brain’s executive functions including the ability to focus, shift attention, resist impulses, practice self-discipline, start and finish tasks, and recall important details. As a result, children and adults with ADHD may also have difficulties with relationships, managing emotions, planning and organizing, and following through with instructions.


There are three subtypes of ADHD which involve symptoms of inattentiveness, hyperactivity or impulsivity, or a combined presentation which involves symptoms of inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity. However, there are a variety of other mental health conditions that involve difficulties with focus, restlessness, impulsivity, emotional regulation challenges, or relationship problems. Therefore, without proper diagnosis, anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, learning disorders, or even autism spectrum disorder may be diagnosed as ADHD.


The good news is, there is help! There are treatments and therapies to help children and adults manage symptoms of ADHD and find success. The first step is getting an accurate diagnosis.

How can ADHD testing help?

Happy Family 2

There is not one test adequate to assess for ADHD. While checklists my indicate the need for testing, they should not be used as a sole decision maker. As previously noted, because many other mental health conditions may mimic symptoms of ADHD, thorough testing can provide you the answers you need.


ADHD testing is a comprehensive process that starts with an initial interview. This is a through interview where the psychologist with ask about developmental history, social history, medical history, familial history, psychiatric history, academic and/or occupational history, and other important areas of functioning.


Testing involves completing a variety of tests assessing abilities such as attention, memory, executive functioning, intellectual functioning, academic functioning, and emotional testing. In addition, for child and teens, parents and teachers are asked to complete questionnaires to provide collateral information about challenges at home and school. For adults, when appropriate, parents or a spouse may be helpful to provide additional information.


Collecting this amount of data will help the psychologist identify strengths and challenges, arrive at a proper diagnosis, and develop a game plan with suggestions and recommendations to help you or your child thrive. ADHD testing is the answer you are looking for.

You deserve success!

Don’t let the symptoms of ADHD get in your way any longer. There are solutions! Getting a clear diagnosis is the first step. 


Imagine getting the tools you or your child need to learn how to stay focused, get organized, and finish things started. Imagine getting the skills needed to finally overcome obstacles in your life. Let us help you on this journey!


To schedule and evaluation today, call Dr. Heather Kuhl at (954) 391-5305.

Have Questions About the Testing and Evaluation Process?

Can I go to my pediatrician or general practitioner to get diagnosed?

While medical doctors often make a diagnosis of ADHD, they often base this off of a brief history and a checklist for ADHD. Medical doctors often do not consider that a child or adult may have difficulties with attention and focus because they are overwhelmed by anxious thoughts or consumed with worry. Similarly, restlessness and fidgetiness may be due to anxiety.


Further, one of the diagnostic criteria for depression is difficulties with concentration. On the other hand, restlessness and impulsivity are common is ADHD but also in Bipolar Disorder. Lastly, a child may struggle to focus in class and finish work if they have a Learning Disorder in math, reading, or writing.


Therefore, a short checklist or brief interview will not provide the information needed to tease apart these symptoms. ADHD testing will consider these possibilities and provide an accurate diagnosis based on multiple sources of data.

This sounds time consuming, how can I fit it into my busy schedule?

Completing an ADHD evaluation is time consuming, but it’s time well spent. The initial interview typically lasts 60-90 minutes with testing scheduled on three or more sessions. Each testing session lasts approximately 3 hours for a child and up to 5 hours for an adult. After testing, it takes approximately 3 to 4 weeks to finalize the report. A final feedback session will be scheduled to review the report together to ensure all your questions are answered.


To accommodate children from missing school and busy professionals from missing work, testing is available on Saturday and Sunday. Call Dr. Kuhl today at (954) 391-5305 to schedule your appointment!

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