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Pre-Teen Therapy & Teen Counseling
in Broward County

(Fort Lauderdale, Coral Springs, & Plantation, FL) 

What to Expect with Teen Therapy in Fort Lauderdale, Coral Springs, & Plantation, FL

The Teen Years Are Tough...
Let Us Help with Teen Counseling...

Adolescent therapy focuses on enhancing the interpersonal relationships of the teen with their parents and other family members.  We use a collaborative and strength-based approach to explore how each member connects, communicates, and individuates. 


Our role is to provide a safe, supportive, and non-judgmental space for adolescents to feel more comfortable about opening up and supported when talking about the important experiences they are going through.  During the therapeutic process, we will meet individually with the adolescent to get a better idea of what they want and with the family to create lasting systemic changes.

Although parents have the right to know about the content being discussed during sessions, we ask that parents respect their teen’s privacy in the therapy room.  Opening up to a therapist takes courage for clients at any age and is especially tough for adolescents, because talking to a therapist is an emotional risk.  If teenagers know that everything they say in the therapy room goes straight to the parents, it inevitably has a censoring effect and they are much less likely to speak about issues that are private and important to them.  Consequently, little progress can be made.

There are three exceptions to confidentiality.

1. The therapist considers the teenager to be at a high risk for suicide.  In this case, the therapist will break confidentiality and make sure that the teenager receives the help they need to keep them safe.

2. The therapist considers the teenager to be at a high risk for homicide.  In this case, the therapist will break confidentiality and take steps to assure the safety of the potential victim.

3. The teenager reports child abuse to the therapist.  Therapists are mandated reporters and are under a legal obligation to report child abuse to the child abuse hotline.  If this happens the department of children and families will send an investigator to the home of the teenager to investigate the claim.  The therapist has no influence over the outcome of the investigation.

The pre-teen and teenage years are an essential time for self-discovery, identity formation, and social development.  Although with raging hormones, emotional roller coasters, strained family relationships, and social/academic pressures, adolescence is a challenging developmental stage to say the least! 


Most teenagers experience confusion, inner turmoil, and conflict as they attempt to cope with peer relationships, school demands, difficult decisions, and complex family dynamics.  It is common for teenagers to feel like they are alone and that no understands them, which makes this developmental period all the more stressful and complicated. 


During this transitional period, adolescents may isolate from their loved ones making it really tough for families to connect and communicate.  Even though teenagers may have difficulty accepting it, parental love, guidance, and understanding are deeply important and adolescent therapy can help you bridge those connections.

Happy Teens

Growing up is both exciting and scary!  Adolescents are constantly influenced by their interactions with friends, family, media, culture, and our society as a whole. 


Today’s world presents a variety of unique pressures for teens and stressors for parents, especially with the prevalence of social media and modern technology.  With technological advances, teens are now facing unique situations that adults have difficulty relating to such as cyber bullying and “sexting”.  Because of these virtual challenges, parents need to be more involved than ever through providing unconditional love and support coupled with stability and structure.​

Parenting during the pre-teen and teenage years can be one of the toughest jobs ever!  Parents worry constantly about how their teens will develop, whether they will make the right choices, and what kind of a person they will grow up to be.  The parental job is 24/7 with no potential raise for a job well done.  Most parents won’t feel appreciated until many years down the road.  This full-time job can be extremely frustrating, exhausting, and discouraging at times.  Although parents may have the best of intentions, sometimes their strategies aren’t as effective as they would like and can even make matters worse.  Parents do the best they can and it’s important to recognize when they need additional support.

Teen Counseling Can Help You &
Your Teen Cope Confidently
with the Teenage Years 

You Don't Have to Do This Alone, Let Us Help You, Your Teen, & Your Family Live a Happier Life... 

If you're struggling with your pre-teen or teen, counseling can help you discover positive ways to reconnect with your teen. You deserve to have a healthy relationship with your teen and peaceful home environment! 


Call us today at 954-391-5305 to speak with one of our therapists for a free 15 minute consultation.  We are currently accepting new clients at our beautiful Fort Lauderdale and Coral Springs offices. We are also offering telehealth across the state of Florida on our secure, HIPAA compliant platform.

Additional Counseling Services at Our Coral Springs, Fort Lauderdale, & Plantation, FL Offices

Teen therapy and pre-teen therapy isn’t the only counseling and psychological service we provide in our Fort LauderdaleCoral Springs, and Plantation offices.


We help people across their life span... Sometimes, life gets complicated and you or your loved ones may be struggling with more than one challenge. Keep in mind, you're not alone... no matter what you're going through, we're here to help! 


Our expert psychologists and counselors at Bayview Therapy specialize in different areas. We offer a wide range of counseling and psychological services to support our Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, Plantation, Southwest Ranches, Davie, Weston, Coral Springs, Coconut Creek, and Parkland communities.


We provide therapy and psychological evaluations for children, teens, adults, couples, and families dealing with a wide variety of life's challenges across the lifespan. Some of our specialties include depression counseling; trauma therapy and EMDR therapy; teen counseling; child and family counselingcouples counseling or marriage therapy; psychiatric medication management; and more.


We also provide affirmative counseling for the LGBTQ+ community and online counseling options using our secure HIPAA compliant platform.  

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