CogScreen Testing For Pilots & Aviation Professionals 

Neurocognitive Skills Essential for Skilled Aviation Performance

  • Decision Making / Reasoning

  • Mental Flexibility

  • Planning

  • Workload Management

  • Concentration Perceptual-Motor skills

  • Memory

  • Situational Awareness

  • Verbal Comprehension

  • Perceptual Speed

  • Kinesthetic Sensitivity

  • Reaction Time

  • Spatial Perception

  • Mental Calculations

  • Alertness

  • Coordination

  • Rate Recognition & Control

  • Application of Rules

  • Sustained / Divided Attention

  • Self-confidence

  • Suppression of emotional responses under duress

Neuropsychological Assessment

  • A systematic examination of the various domains of brain functioning in order to either rule out or identify and describe areas of significant deficit

  • Much more than simply administering, scoring, and describing the results of tests contained in the battery

    • Unlike medical lab tests which provide a discrete value associated with a particular Dx (or lack thereof), psychological tests require extensive knowledge, training, & experience in their interpretation and in the integration of sometimes disparate results

  • Qualitative clinical observation of subtle behaviors

  • Expert integration of data from multiple sources

Psychological Evaluation & Testing Services 

  • ADHD

  • Diagnostic Clarity

  • Evaluations for additional time  or other accommodations on standardized testing

  • IVF Evaluations

  • Intelligence Testing

  • Learning Disorders

  • Mood Disorders

  • Personality Testing

  • Specialized Testing for Pilots (CogScreenAE)

What to Expect with Psychological Evaluations and Testing

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Aviation Testing Experts

No matter what obstacles you are experiencing, there is hope. You are not alone and a psychologist can help you understand your challenges and create a plan for you to live a happy, healthy, and enriched life. Change is always possible and it’s never too late to act.

You deserve the be the person you always envisioned! Let a psychologist support you in this process and give you the tools you need to live a joyful and fulfilled life!

To schedule and evaluation today, call Dr. Heather Kuhl at (954) 391-5305 ext. 4.

Have Questions About the Testing and Evaluation Process?

Why do I need testing, can’t I just start with therapy?

The goal of testing or an evaluation is to provide an accurate diagnosis, and to have a thorough understanding one’s cognitive, emotional, and behavioral functioning as it pertains to current life challenges. Often times, a psychologist may recommend that you attend therapy for further support or to gain coping tools to manage emotions or behaviors. In addition, an evaluation includes a list of objectives and recommendations for the therapist to address with you in sessions. In many ways, it gives the therapist a working game plan and can help move along the process quicker than starting with a therapist who will have to put together all the pieces of the puzzle week by week, one hour at a time.   

As part of an evaluation, an expert psychologist will spend approximately 10 hours with you through the evaluation process, allowing them to gather a detailed look at your life, including your strengths and challenges.  In therapy, it could take up to 10 weeks to gather the same kind of rich information.

If I only attend a few sessions, how can you make an accurately diagnosis?

In order to help you in the process of getting an accurate diagnosis, it is important to find a psychologist who specializes in conducting psychological evaluations. An expert psychologist will take the time to gather crucial information as part of the initial interview and gather data from other collateral sources including review of medical, psychiatric, or academic records, consultations with current therapists, and input from family or spouse if recommended.

The formal testing process and standardized testing is another way to get an estimate of one’s intellectual, emotional, and behavioral functioning. While a psychologist may only schedule a few visits, this amount of information can provide the psychologist with good supporting data to make an accurate diagnosis.

At Bayview Therapy, Dr. Heather Kuhl specializes in conducting psychological evaluations. As a psychologist and licensed marriage and family therapist, she brings a unique set of knowledge and experience to the evaluative process.  Get started with Dr. Kuhl today, call (954) 391-5305 ext. 4.

I work full-time and cannot miss any work. I can’t imagine how I will find the time to complete this many hours of testing. Is there a way to make this happen?

Deciding to take the steps to get help can be difficult, and scheduling appointments during the work week can make this choice even more challenging. To accommodate you and make this process an easy as possible, Dr. Kuhl provides testing and psychological evaluations on Saturday and Sunday, making it easier to complete an evaluation quickly without interfering with work.

To schedule and evaluation today, call Dr. Heather Kuhl at (954) 391-5305 ext. 4.

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