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Your Relationship is Valuable, Make it Your Priority

With hectic schedules and daily responsibilities, couples often find themselves not having as much time as they would like to focus on their relationship.  Over time, when partners neglect the relationship, they slowly drift apart and may lose sight of previously shared goals, dreams, and aspirations.  Keeping your relationship a priority can be especially tricky during times of stress or major life transitions such as having a child or taking care of an elderly parent. 


It may feel like your relationship changed overnight, but most often it takes days, weeks, and years to become disconnected from one another.  Relationships aren’t easy.  Every relationship goes through ups and downs throughout the course of life.  However, when a couple stops working on their relationship, the relationship stops working!  Lasting, healthy relationships take hard work and commitment from both partners.

Due to the intertwined and recursive nature of relationships, when one partner struggles with something such as depression, anxiety, grief/loss, trauma, work related stress, or professional burnout, it undeniably effects their partner.  If a person’s relationship with themselves, others, and/or their profession isn’t in a good place, it will eventually effect their quality of life and their relationships.  In order to experience connectivity and intimacy with your partner, you also need to have a healthy and harmonious relationship with yourself.

Couples seek therapeutic support for many different reasons.  The length of couples therapy depends on the context and severity of the presenting problems as well as the couple’s strengths and resources.   Although some couples wait until they are in crisis or “on the brink”, couples can benefit from the therapeutic process at any stage in their relationship.  We have experience working with couples of all ages as well as diverse cultural, familial, and religious backgrounds.  Couples therapy includes pre-marital counseling, marital counseling, and counseling for heterosexual as well as gay, lesbian, and bi-sexual couples. 

What is Marriage Counseling? 

We Help Couples With...

​Couples face challenges from communication break downs, work related stress, complex in-law relationships, parenting issues, pre-marital counseling, infertility or reproductive challenges, and some question whether they have fallen out of love with one another.  Whether you or your partner feels unhappy in the relationship or unsure about the level of commitment to the relationship, couples therapy can help you reveal and interrupt the repetitive patterns that keep you stuck.  We seek to identify unresolved or underlying issues that contribute to the reoccurring problems.

Couples also seek therapy for problems related to mistrust, betrayal, or physical/emotional infidelity.  Once trust is broken in a relationship, it is difficult to repair, but not impossible.  When couples are in tune with one another and follow through with their commitments, trust can be rebuilt over time.  Trust is an action, not a state of mind.

Our team is unique in offering many options for finding a relationship counselor who will be the best fit for your needs and goals. We have several relationship experts who are specialized in couples counseling, marriage counseling, and pre-marital counseling; offer different scheduling options (flexible hours, evenings, and weekends); and offer different price points to better serve our south Florida community. 

Watch the video below if you're interested in working with Dr. Kate Campbell, LMFT - founder of Bayview Therapy as she explains how couples counseling works and what to expect from the process. Each therapist has a unique approach to working with couples and we would be happy to connect you with a therapist who will be the best fit for your needs. Call our office today at 954-391-5305 to discuss your options and connect with your therapist today! 

What to Expect During 

Couples Therapy & Marriage Counseling

Relationship Counseling Can Increase Your Connection & Enhance Communication

Effective communication and conflict management are key for any happy and healthy couples.  As a couples therapist, we support each partner in refining their own style of communication.  Couples therapy helps partners to listen and respond more effectively within every day life as well as during times of difficulty.  Conflict is natural and healthy for relationships as long as it is managed effectively.  Our role is to facilitate a safe and balanced dialogue between partners to illuminate various strengths, resources, past successes, and solution building attempts both individually and relationally.

We help couples facilitate positive change and growth though using brief and effective strategies.  Because we can’t go back and change the past, we tend to focus more on helping couples create the changes they desire in the present while nurturing hopes for their future.  Couples therapy can enable partners to experience more enjoyment, connectivity, and satisfaction in their relationship again.  In order to sustain a lasting, intimate connection with one another, couples must prioritize their relationship; feel a fondness and admiration for one another; effectively manage conflict; continuously nurture their friendship; and be willing to accept influence from one another.

In situations where couples aren’t able to forgive certain betrayals, find mutual respect for one another, or reconnect on their life paths, we also support them in the difficult process of bringing their relationship to an end.

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