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Vision, Mission

& Culture

Our Vision

Transforming the world one relationship at a time by inspiring children, adults, couples, and families to become the best version of themselves so they can live happier lives and more fulfilling relationships. 

Our Mission

Bayview Therapy is a top rated counseling and psychology group practice with three beautiful offices conveniently located across Broward County (in Fort Lauderdale, Coral Springs, and Plantation, Florida). We are committed to transforming the world by helping children, adults, couples and families enhance their relationships and live happier, more fulfilled lives.


Our caring and dedicated clinicians ensure each client receives the highest quality of care and personalized attention while overcoming life’s challenges and achieving their goals. We provide counseling, psychological evaluations, and psychiatric medication through evidenced based modalities.

Our Company Culture

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Our goal is to create a culture where people feel safe, heard, understood, supported, inspired, and respected while working toward their personal and professional goals.  


We work in collaboration with other clinicians, professionals, and organizations with each client’s permission in order to best meet our clients individualized needs. 


We work with clients who are motivated, open to creating the changes they desire, seek clarity, and want to feel inspired to take action toward their goals and dreams. We are deeply invested in each one of our clients’ success.   We also feel rewarded and inspired when their dreams become a reality.

Our Company Culture Encompasses the Following: 

  • Quality – We hold ourselves to the highest standard and are committed to professional excellence in all that we do. We exceed the needs and desires of the clients we serve by providing the highest quality of therapeutic services. We set the standard for success and excellence in our industry.

  • Commitment – We are committed to transforming the world one relationship at a time. We create a culture where clients and team members feel cared for, supported, encouraged, and inspired. We are committed to the success of each client as we walk beside them in their journey and support them toward achieving their goals. We are committed to the success of this company and to the success of each practitioner who works within our office.

  • Integrity – We value integrity. We abide by legal and ethical standards of our profession. We do the right thing for people, by people, ALWAYS. We are true to our word by following through with what we say we're going to do.

  • Diversity & Inclusion – We value diversity, equity, and inclusion in our team, clients, and workplace. We want people to feel welcomed, included, supported, empowered, and respected for their unique experiences and perspectives in the world.

  • Communication – We understand the power of language and use our words to uplift, heal, and help others. We speak to ourselves and others in a kind, honest, compassionate, and respectful manor. We value having a drama free work place where people feel safe, heard, and understood. We are curious and ask questions to ensure we are understanding others and honoring their perspectives to the best of our ability. If there is a misunderstanding, we take responsibility for our part and work toward repairing the situation. 

  • Respect – We respect that each person is uniquely designed with their own strengths, talents, resources, beliefs, and perspectives We are open minded and non-judgmental in our work clients, colleagues, and other professionals.

  • Collaboration – We are inspired by the opportunity to collaborate with our clients and their significant others, colleagues, and/or other professionals in order to promote optimal therapeutic results (of course, only with the client’s permission first). We welcome the possibility to collaborate with other professionals who are aligned with our vision, mission, culture and values. We love celebrating and sharing peoples’ accomplishments. We collaborate for the best interest of our clients, each other and our companies. We do so with the intention of creating meaningful and lasting relationships.

  • Fun – We value having fun in our lives both personally and professionally. We believe that when we're the happiest and healthiest versions of ourselves, we are most effective at helping others. 

  • Balance – We aspire to attain work/life balance as that enables us to function optimally in all that we do personally and professionally. We value optimal mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health in ourselves and our clients. We prioritize our own health and wellness via individualized self-care practices, take time-off for mental health days when needed, and schedule vacations with family/friends in order to rest, relax, and rejuvenate. If we are ever operating less than 75%, we agree to reflect on what is needed in order to regain work/life balance. That's why each clinician is responsible for their own caseload, creates their own ideal schedule, and takes as many vacation days or mental health days as they want. 

  • Contribution – We believe in contributing to the world in a meaningful way and giving back to our community through charitable endeavors. We collaborate and support people, companies and organizations whose visions and missions align with our own.

  • Growth & Development – We are committed to proactively nurturing our minds, bodies, souls and spirits. We actively search out continuing educational activities that advance our personal goals and professional specializations. We challenge ourselves to never stop learning and growing.

  • Flexibility – We understand that the one constant in life is change. We are flexible and embrace change with ease. We adjust to the unique needs of each client and utilize a combination of strength-based and effective modalities to best meet their needs. 

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