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LGBTQIA+ Counseling in Broward County
(Fort Lauderdale, Coral Springs, & Plantation, FL)

Affirmative Counseling for LGBTQIA+ Individuals & Couples in South Florida

Find your voice and speak loudly.  Don’t let society define who you “should” be.  It is possible to be the person you were always meant to be. You are here for a reason.  Plus, you deserve to find your purpose, freedom, love, peace, and happiness!  


It’s the twenty-first century!  


The LGBTQIA+ community has made great strides to gain its own voice, rights, and freedom. However, that has not come without significant effort and pushback. Unfortunately, homophobia and transphobia continue to exist in today’s world.  

But as we attempt to take that “higher road” and accommodate our lives to society’s constructions, those messages remain with us subconsciously.  They stay stuck in our minds and souls.  We often internalize them as truths. Which hurts our self-esteem leaving us feeling down or anxious without understanding why.  


Many of us change our words and behaviors to make it easier for others to accept us or say what they’d like to hear, falling into expected “patterns” so that others love us.  And by doing that…  


…we often fail to love ourselves.  


If you identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, non-binary, and/or questioning/queer and are looking for support from an LGBTQ therapist, you’ve come to the right place!


LGBTQIA+ counseling in Coral Springs (near Parkland), Fort Lauderdale (near Wilton Manors), and Plantation, FL provides a safe, supportive, and empowering place for you. Here you will be able to explore your identity, face the results from the effects of any discrimination (whether intentional or not) you may have been exposed to. And find your authentic self, free of internalized self-judgment. 

You Are Not Alone, Our LGBTQ+ Therapists Are Here to Support You!

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Whether you’re struggling with mental health issues, questioning your identity, or needing someone to talk to about life or your relationships, you’re not alone. 


Individuals in the LGBTQ+ community suffer from mental health issues at a higher rate. Our community faces more interpersonal challenges from family, friends, and the wider social community as compared to the general population. 


  • When do we come out? 

  • Who do we come out to and how will they respond? 

  • When do we disclose? 

  • Do I “pass”? 

  • Should I have confirmation surgery? 

  • And the list goes on…

Imagine Living Life Freely & Authentically

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LGBTQIA+ Counseling Services Include: 

We provide LGBTQ counseling for individuals who need help with any of the following areas. 



LGBTQ Couples Counseling Includes: 

We provide LGBTQ couples therapy for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and queer+ couples who need help with any of the following areas, taking into account their cultural differences. 


  • Communication

  • Conflict Management

  • Extended Family Dynamics

  • Friendship

  • Infidelity or Affair Recovery

  • Healthy Boundaries

  • Open Relationships

  • Sexual and Emotional Intimacy

Our LGBTQ Therapists Are Proudly Serving the LGBTQ+ Community in Fort Lauderdale, Coral Springs, & Plantation, FL

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While being part of the LGBTQ community can create similar struggles, these challenges can be interpreted differently from person to person.  At Bayview Therapy, we know this and create an individualized strategy that fits each person’s unique needs and goals.  Just like each color and shade of the rainbow is wonderfully unique, people are just as unique. We all come from different backgrounds, belief systems, cultures, and families.  


By providing LGBTQIA counseling in Plantation, Coral Springs (near Parkland), and Fort Lauderdale (near Wilton Manors) to the LGBTQ community and their family members (both online and in our offices), we make help accessible and accepting of everyone. We take into account that each one of us is unique and deserves a specialized therapeutic approach addressing our specific needs, goals and dreams.

Have Questions About
LGBTQIA Counseling?

How long does LGBTQIA counseling last? I don’t want to be in LGBTQ counseling forever.


Therapy will last as long as you need it. At Bayview Therapy, our caring and affirmative LGBTQ therapists use different forms of therapy depending on your needs.  For those of you who would like to target deep-rooted issues, our approach may be psychodynamic. For those others who wish to just change certain behaviors or solve specific problems, we offer brief and effective strategies to help you leverage your strengths and resources to reach your goals.


We will provide effective skills and techniques to help you alleviate distress as soon as possible while working toward any longer-term goals. Of course, the length of time in LGBTQIA counseling depends on many factors. Such as how long the problem has been going on, how open you are to change, and how willing you are to implement the tools you learn in therapy to create the change you desire. 


Is LGBTQIA+ counseling covered by my insurance?


There are several reasons why we do not accept insurance as an in-network provider. One of the reasons is that it reduces your privacy and confidentiality. Insurance requires that your therapist provide you with a psychiatric diagnosis that goes on your medical health record and can negatively impact you in many ways.  


We want you to be an informed consumer and to remain in control of your care without the restrictions of insurance. However, if you aren’t concerned about having a mental health diagnosis and you have a PPO plan with your insurance, we could discuss going through your out-of-network benefits. Let us know during your initial call if you want to use insurance and we discuss how this works.


I’ve heard that in-person and online therapy in Florida can be expensive.

We utilize an efficient team approach and work with people on a sliding scale. We also use a brief therapy approach, meaning therapy with us is not necessarily a long-term commitment. Engaging with just a few sessions can actually save you money down the road. 


What’s more important than your wellbeing?  Wouldn’t you like to learn useful skills that result in a newfound ability to achieve all that you want in life?  Imagine how amazing it would be to feel like your best self—to be in control, happy, and confident with who you are and what you stand for.  You deserve to receive the help you need.  Invest in your freedom and happiness.

You Are Worth It! Start LGBTQIA Counseling in Coral Springs & Fort Lauderdale, FL!

If you would like to learn more about LGBTQ counseling for individuals or couples in our Fort Lauderdale, Coral Springs or Plantation, FL offices, please call 954-391-5305 for your free 15-minute consultation and connect with your LGBTQ+ therapist today. 


We offer face-to-face sessions as well as online therapy in Florida via phone or video sessions on a secure, HIPAA-compliant platform.  Our team of expert and affirmative LGBTQ+ counselors are here to help! 

To get started follow these simple steps:

  1. Schedule your free 15- minute consultation to see which LGBTQIA counseling services are for you.

  2. Learn about our talented team of counselors and psychologists at Bayview Therapy!

  3. Begin being your authentic self fully in a safe and affirmative environment. 

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Additional Counseling Services at Our Coral Springs, Fort Lauderdale, & Plantation, FL Offices

You deserve a space to feel heard and valued. We strive to provide a safe and affirmative space for individuals to be fully themselves. No matter where you are beginning, our LGBTQ therapists are here to support you. In our Fort Lauderdale, Coral Springs, and Plantation, FL offices we provide a wide variety of services to help you manage life's ups and downs. If you're struggling to handle it on your own, then get in touch with us and let us support you, your relationship, and your family.  


Our team of expert counselors and psychologists at Bayview Therapy specialize in different areas. We offer a wide range of counseling and psychological services to support our Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, Plantation, Southwest Ranches, Davie, Weston, Coral Springs, Coconut Creek, and Parkland communities.


We provide therapy and psychological evaluations for children, teens, adults, couples, and families dealing with a wide variety of life's challenges across the lifespan. Some of our specialties include depression counseling; trauma therapy and EMDR therapy; teen counseling; child and family counselingcouples counseling or marriage therapy; psychiatric medication management; and more.


We also provide online counseling options for those who reside in the state of Florida using our secure HIPAA compliant telehealth platform.  

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