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Child & Family Counseling in Broward County
(Fort Lauderdale, Coral Springs, & Plantation, FL)

Wondering How Child & Family Counseling Can Help Your Child?

Our children are so precious to us. However, today's world makes raising kids and addressing their challenges more difficult than ever before.  

We live at a time that has placed heightened burdens in our children lives.  Not only are they navigating the changes in their brains and bodies, but our society’s rapid pace of change also adds additional complications in the development of their lives.  There are more and more choices given to our children, more freedom in those choices, ever-expanding technological exposure, increased social and academic pressures, more diversity of ideas about how to parent and less time to parent or connect with our children.  

It's no wonder that as a parent or caregiver you may feel uncertain about how to deal with concerns such as how to help your children or teens with emotional or mental health problems, how to address behavioral issues, how to parent effectively based on your child's age, maturity and temperament style, how to help your child make good decisions, even how to deal with social media pressures.  Because of these factors and many more, parents currently find themselves overwhelmed, confused, or distressed. We are here to help.

Child Counseling & Family Counseling Can Help Mental, Emotional & Behavioral Challenges 


We take the mental, emotional, and behavioral health of your child or teen seriously.  Statistics paint a concerning picture telling us 1 in 5 children will experience and mental or emotional or behavioral health issue before age 18.  Functioning effectively in these areas is vital to our children’s future success in all areas of their lives.

Nearly 80% of adult mental health disorders start in childhood and teen years. According to the NIMH (National Institute of Mental Health) “many adults who have mental disorders, symptoms were present—but often not recognized or addressed—in childhood and adolescence. For a young person with symptoms of a mental disorder, the earlier treatment is started, the more effective it can be. Early treatment can help prevent more severe, lasting problems as a child grows up.” This is why it is vital to address mental health issues early on.  Moreover, we all would like our children or teens to have a sense of well-being and happiness as they go through life.    

Whether your child experiences common mental health disorders such as ADHD, Depression, Anxiety, Eating Disorders, or other emotional or behavioral concerns, our therapists, psychologists and certified professionals specialize in Psychological Testing and Evaluations to better identify and understand the sources of some of these problems.


We make recommendations where appropriate, so you can know how best to proceed in addressing your child’s or teen’s challenges. We also provide systemic, evidenced-based therapies that are effective in treating these issues and many more.   

Disruptive and other acting out behaviors with children can be a source of significant distress to not only parents but others in their lives. Some of these behaviors are transitional, related to age /stage development, organic or physiological problems, adjustment situations or social factors.  Still, others are related to clinical diagnoses such as, but not limited to Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD), Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD) and DMDD (Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder).

Do you experience constant push back child or excessive rebellion from your child or pre-teen?  Perhaps you find that you are in repeated power struggles when you try to establish limits with your child or adolescent.  Does your child show a repeated lack of respect to you or authority figures or make poor or impulsive decisions without considering the consequences? Is your child or teen more often than not irritable, agitated, highly frustrated, or has unexplained temper outbursts?    

Are you concerned with your child's or teen's overuse of social media or technology?  Does your child often compare themselves to others or have a poor self-image? Maybe your child or adolescent is challenged with peer and interpersonal relationships. Has your child experienced a significant event that has resulted in trauma or significant negative emotions?

Child Counseling & Family Counseling Services in Coral Springs, Fort Lauderdale, & Plantation, FL


We incorporate Play Therapy, Art, Therapy, Interpersonal Therapy, and other evidenced-based therapies such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, EMDR Therapy (when clinically appropriate), and Mindfulness based approaches to address problem behaviors and symptoms related to mental health disorders. We also use other approaches such as Solution oriented, Conscious discipline, Integrative, Health at Every Size (HAES), and Intuitive Eating approaches. 


Additionally, we offer social skills training, teen groups, and workshops that will assist your child or teenager learn emotional regulation, enhance self-esteem, and improve resilience. While we provide a variety of services to assist children, pre-teens, and teens, these are areas of focus:        


  • Academic challenges               

  • ADHD  

  • Anxiety & panic disorders             

  • Autism spectrum disorders (ASD)

  • Behavioral concerns

  • Bullying

  • College preparation

  • Depression & mood disorders

  • Divorce & life transitions                                     

  • OCD

  • Oppositional & defiant behaviors

  • Parent child conflict & sibling conflict

  • Psychological testing & evaluations  

  • Resilience building

  • Self-Esteem

  • Self-harm & high-risk behaviors

  • Social life & coping skills                  

  • Substance misuse & relapse prevention  

  • Trauma & PTSD     


Our expert therapists and psychologists are warm and compassionate, yet professional, so your child or teenager can feel comfortable.  We collaborate appropriately with parents so you can feel assured that your children from 5 years old and above will feel safe and open to engaging in the therapeutic process.  We also consult as needed with other professionals or significant individuals in your child or teen's life – teachers, guidance counselors, or psychiatrists to ensure we are meeting your child or teenager's needs.  

Contact us at 954-391-5305 to discuss any other concerns you may have or questions about our child or teen counseling options.  

What Can I Expect With Play Therapy?

Play therapy provides a fun and engaging way to have your child participate in counseling. It offers us the unique opportunity to see the world through your child's eyes. Although play therapy techniques are most commonly used with children 3 to 12 years old, they are also beneficial for some teens and families.


Therapists utilize play therapy techniques in counseling to help kids feel more comfortable and at ease when going to see a therapist. Play therapy is a very natural way for therapists to connect with kids and speak their “language.” Children learn and grow through play.

Whether your family is looking to address emotional, behavioral, or communication difficulties, play therapy interventions can help build the therapeutic relationship, address difficult feelings, learn communication skills and healthy coping skills. Through play therapy, clients can learn problem-solving skills, gain confidence, process their emotions, and so much more. 

If you have additional questions about whether play therapy in Coral Springs or Fort Lauderdale is the best approach for your child or family, give us a call. We're happy to answer your questions and connect you with a play therapist who would be a great fit for your child and family's unique needs and goals. 

Let us Help You Better Navigate Parenting Challenges with Your Child 


We believe in a comprehensive approach to providing therapeutic care for your children.  Therefore, we have experienced therapists to help you as a parent or caregiver with strategies to effectively support your child, improve communication, and enhance the connection between yourself and your child or teenager.  Below are a few of the common challenging parenting topics we help parents to better navigate and overcome. 


Parents are increasingly faced with more difficult challenges than previously in raising children and teenagers. One significant area is the recent development of parents noticing that they are direct competition for their child’s or teenager’s belief systems, versus, those of the culture, their peers, or other influencers (such as social media influencers).


Although this is typical for the teenage years, this dynamic is reaching down to noticeably younger ages causing serious conflict and worry. Many parents are shocked to discover the current influences that have significantly impacted their children's beliefs and how these beliefs affect the mental, emotional, and behavioral health of their child or teen.  So what can parents do?

Keeping an open dialog with your child from a young age through the more challenging teenage years is vital to not only building a meaningful relationship but influencing your children values and decision making in the later years.  Our therapists are trained to help you understand how to navigate not only changes in your communication style is needed as your child becomes a teenager, but how your role changes, as your child gets older.


Another challenging area for parents is that of providing effective discipline. Are you frustrated with finding a balance in your approach to discipline; for example, are you permissive in some areas and authoritarian in others?  Does the differences between how you view parenting vs. that of your partner or spouse cause conflict or confusion with your child or teenager?

Do you find the style of parenting you learned from your upbringing no longer works well for your family and the challenges you face?  Are you clear on effective what discipline techniques produce long-lasting results vs. discipline that provides only temporary results and harms your relationship with your child or teenager?  

Parenting Styles:

It’s important to understand your purpose for parenting and allow that to inform your discipline style.  This means thinking intentionally and contentiously about how you would like to raise your child.  Often parents start to have these conversations after a problem occurs.

One question to consider is "What do you feel is essential to impart to your child for the appropriate stages of their lives?" For example, what values are important to you as a parent or caregiver?  Is it independence, cooperation, family harmony, honesty, kindness, education, or empathy for others? A nationally recognized parent psychologist Dr. Michael Popkin states, "For any job that is important, you need to understand your purpose in that job, and it needs training and support [sic to succeed]." This is the same with parenting.   

Whether it is through our parenting training classes or in-private parenting sessions, we are here to support you in clarifying your purpose and impart your values.  Our qualified therapists are also able to teach you effective discipline and relationship building skills that will help you enhance your closeness with your child or teenager.

Your Family Deserves the Best!

We have been successful in assisting thousands of families in feeling more empowered; grow deeper in connection while helping you as a parent or caregiver feel more confident and competent in your parenting skills.  We also provide resources to help you understand the ages and stages of your child's development, along with what to expect and what your child or teenagers needs are at each of those stages.

Some of our therapists also offer Christian based family therapy upon request. All of this to support you in assisting your child and teen enhance their emotional, mental, and behavioral well-being.  

We look forward to working with you and your child or teenager throughout these crucial years.  Give us a call at 954-391-5305 so we can get a good understanding of your needs and goals and then connect you with a therapist who will be a great fit for you and your family today!

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