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Hypnotherapy Can Help You Heal From The Past & Overcome Addiction

Burnout, stress, anxiety, and depression have been worldwide epidemics for years now. These challenges can create symptoms such as decreased energy; difficulty getting up in the morning; lack of interest in things you used to do; unexplainable body pain; excessive worry about having an illness; overeating or drinking; difficulty sleeping; and feeling physical and/or emotionally exhausted.

Patient Lying In Couch Under Hypnotherapy

Many people attempt to treat those symptoms with over-the-counter medication or eventually see their primary care physician but get frustrated because they are not addressing the underlying cause of these persistent symptoms.

Many of us pick up some unhealthy or addictive habits in our best attempts to cope with those feelings or even escape from the symptoms mentioned above. We tend to reach out to something that temporarily changes the way we feel at the moment or numbs whatever feelings we are experiencing because they are uncomfortable and painful.

The reality is that when we start wanting to numb the uncomfortable negative feelings (ie: burnout, stress, depression, anger), we end up numbing the good feelings too (ie: gratitude, joy, happiness, etc). Eventually, you develop a physical, emotional, and psychological addiction to food, drugs, alcohol, sex, shopping, gambling, and behavior that helps you avoid whatever it is that you do not want to feel.

You may be asking yourself if there is another way, a better way?

The answer is YES!

Wanting to change your life is the first step. There is a world full of possibilities when you make the commitment to wanting more for your life and realizing that you deserve better.

In counseling and hypnotherapy with clients, we speak a lot about the voice we ignore when we are in active addiction. That voice is telling you that you deserve better, and you could not go on living the way you have been living your life.

If you are reading this and you are questioning how to create a positive change in the way you feel and increase your enjoyment in life, then you are listening to that voice. At that moment, you are opening your subconscious to creative possibilities of hope, healing, and empowerment.

Once you listen to that inner voice, it’s time to take an honest look at what is really going on internally. Sure… you could continue to seek outside validation, and make an effort to continue to manipulate the outcome, but until you become willing to see things differently while listening to that voice, only then will you experience change. This type of lasting change must happen within and sometimes it is not the exact way you want it to look and that’s ok.

Be aware that once you start looking inward, you will discover there are some unresolved issues that may be blocking you from moving forward. Fritz Perls, the founder of Gestalt Therapy, spoke of “unfinished business” - which refers to how humans tend to suppress feelings and experiences that are stored in the subconscious. These unresolved issues eventually become a pile of problems that keep getting triggered and never achieve resolution. By the time you become an adult, you have built up negative patterns of thinking, feeling, and acting which persist like bad habits.

Experiencing your feelings without having to change or numb them takes practice. My invitation to you today is to listen to the voice that is encouraging you to do things differently and is telling you that you deserve more and better.

Then, choose to find the origin and heal the unresolved issues that continue to pile and show up as depression, stress/anxiety, and burnout. Remember, you do not have to continue engaging in self-destructive behaviors such as alcohol, drugs, unhealthy eating patterns, obsessive behaviors, etc.

It’s time to seek help and allow yourself to be guided by an expert who can help you heal from the past and move forward with your life. Choose a therapist that aligns with your values and join a community support group such as AA/NA meetings.

Every journey starts with one step. If you find yourself asking if there is another way of feeling, living, and being, then this is your call to recovery. Know that we all start somewhere. What matters the most is your willingness to change and your desire to want a better life. Each of us starts with one thing: The courage to try. Remember, recovery is possible!

I invite you to give me a call at 954-391-5305 for your complimentary consultation. Together we can decide whether talk therapy or hypnotherapy is a good fit for you based on your unique needs and goals.

For more information about Heart-Centered Hypnosis, click here. I provide hypnosis and therapy in Coral Springs, Florida, and across the state of Florida via our secure telehealth platform.

I look forward to helping you heal from the past and move forward in a healthy, happier direction!


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