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How to Manage General Anxiety So You Can Experience Greater Peace

Many people experience anxiety at various times in their lives. Some people are anxious but they are not aware that they are. They see it as a “normal” way of living. They may be talking fast, doing two or three things at once, speeding to the next place they are going, or constantly thinking about the next thing they need to do. They can go through their whole life like this and then wonder, where did their life go. They were never really present in each moment to enjoy it.

For others, anxiety can be more than this... They can feel like they are having a heart attack, hyperventilating, feeling trapped in a room or within themselves. People with higher levels of anxiety often have difficulty sleeping and feeling anxious in the morning about having to face the day that is ahead of them.

Regardless of where you fall on the worry - anxiety - panic attack spectrum, the good news is that anxiety is something that can be very manageable if we are willing to incorporate some helpful tools into our lives. As you are more intentional with your anxiety management strategies, you may find yourself on a new path that is centered on creating more inner peace and joy in your life along with less anxiety.

Below are some helpful suggestions for “How to Manage General Anxiety So You Can Experience Greater Peace”.

*Begin each day with a calm, peaceful, and quiet mind. Schedule 20 minutes each morning for this. This is your time to just allow your mind to be still, to be at peace. Carry that with you throughout the day taking 2 or 3 minutes whenever you can to return to that serene place.

*Focus on your breath. This will be helpful when you are doing your morning session. You can also do this many times during the day to help keep you balanced mentally and emotionally. Give your full attention to air coming into the nostrils and exhaling through your mouth. Don’t rush this. Slow down and feel the sense of peace that comes with this practice.

*Don’t react to the anxiety. Just observe it or notice it. It is common and natural for the mind to try and figure out what is happening when you are feeling anxious to make it go away. Most of the time this just adds more fuel to the anxiety and prolongs it. Anxiety needs thought to continue. Without thought it will eventually dissipate.

*Be aware that your feelings are directly related to your thoughts. If we are wondering why you are feeling anxious we don’t need to look any further than our thoughts. Anxiety comes from worrying about things. Many times, people are not aware that they are doing that but if they look closely they will find thoughts such as, “what if…. “, “suppose…”, “what will we do if….” The more you entertain those types of thoughts the more anxious you will be.

*Practice being at peace with the present moment. Look, listen. Keep your attention on what you see and what you hear. Don’t judge it, just notice it. Let go of anything that's not serving you. The present moment can be a refuge from the onslaught of thoughts that the mind will create when we get involved with it. When your attention is completely in the present moment you will become aware that your mind is quiet. A quiet mind is a peaceful mind.

You deserve to experience more joy & peace, so let me help you get there…

If you’re looking for additional strategies to better manage anxiety so you can experience greater joy, peace, and fulfillment in your life or relationships, contact me for your complimentary consultation at 954-391-5305.

I provide counseling at our serene counseling office in Coral Springs, Florida and online through our secure telehealth platform. I look forward to speaking with you!


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