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3 Signs You May Need Parent Coaching

Parenting is challenging. Whether you are a new or experienced parent, each day brings something new. The ups and downs are similar to a rollercoaster: facing enormous challenges and embracing moments of immense love.

The initial transition into parenthood can be overwhelming. Parents are expected to know how to anticipate their baby's needs and care for them upon leaving the hospital. Not only are they expected to care for a newborn baby, but life as they know it changes significantly.

The primary focus of their relationship becomes their children. This includes ensuring developmental milestones, pushing social connection, and monitoring that their physical and emotional needs are met. With each age bringing growth, new skills, and more language; parents are forced to increase their toolbox of ways to best parent their children. Before you know it, your child is a toddler, then a child, then an adolescent, and finally a teenager.

These life stages bring their own set of challenges. Fighting amongst partners increases upon bringing a child into the family as they learn to parent together. Each partner brings their own childhood experiences and expectations into making parenting decisions for their child. Meanwhile, mothers are told to trust their “mother’s intuition”. Grandparents attempt to provide support by reflecting on their own experiences as a parent. The stress level in the family tends to rise.

All the while, there are signs from the media attempting to point parents in the right direction, with influential results. Social media feeds display children looking well behaved, nicely groomed, and following societal expectations. All around us people are telling parents how to parent and blaming parents when something isn’t working.

All of this is happening, and much more, without any training or guidance from professionals.

How can we expect parents to manage it all without any training? A way for parents to gain guidance and support exists. Parent Coaching provides parents with tools and training to effectively parent and is their best selves while doing it.

Here are 3 Signs that Parent Coaching might be right for you:

1. You Sound Like a Broken Record -

Are you constantly asking your children for things? Do you feel like you are not being heard? Pick up your clothes. Put away the dishes. Listen when I speak to you. This may later escalate to you feeling angry, screaming at your children, or using threats to get what you want.

A parent coach will listen to you describe these scenarios and provide feedback regarding their effectiveness. Parent coaching can provide strategies and techniques to engage your child and get you out of the same old cycle of behavior.

2. You’re Burnt Out -

Do you ever feel like you just can’t do it anymore? Are you exhausted, both physically and emotionally? If you are feeling burnt out, you are not alone. Escaping this feeling is not an impossible task: a parent coach can help you.

Taking a break from parenting is not an option. Although it doesn’t always seem possible, one's mental health must remain a priority as a parent. In order to take care of others, we must take care of ourselves first. We can only be present, engaged, and involved parents when we are our best selves.

A parent coach will help you learn how to prioritize yourself as a parent and find ways to improve your stress management. A parent coach will help you explore your self-care process, without judgment, and use your answers to make strides for yourself and your family.

3. You’re Worried About the Future -

Does the behavior appear to be getting worse? Could the problem be intensifying? Could your child's behavior be a cry for help? Parents and caregivers are a child’s favorite person in the world. They would do anything for your love and attention. It is not their intention to behave this way or manipulate, as parents often see it.

A parent coach can assist with behavior problems, sibling rivalry, aggression, defiance, changes in the family system, and life transitions. By participating in parent coaching, parents will have an additional perspective and lens to view their child’s behavior. They then can learn new ways to handle situations and increased confidence in making parenting decisions. This practice can hold the parent accountable for making these changes as they go.

Parent coaching focuses on enhancing family relationships, improving family communication, strengthening problem-solving skills, and creating an overall calmer home environment.

Are you wondering if a Parent Coach may be for you? Let me help guide you through the process. After we work together, you will truly feel like you’ve got this!

I invite you to call me for a complimentary consultation at 954-391-5305. I offer to counsel children and coaching for parents at our beautiful Coral Springs office and via online counseling across the state of Florida. I look forward to speaking with you and helping you become the best version of yourself!


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