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Top Self-Care Places for Busy Moms, Couples, and Families in Coral Springs, Fl

Happy Mother always thinking about self-care

As a mom, wife, and therapist, I know the importance of self-care in order to feel good about ourselves and keep our mental health a top priority. Now that we have opened a new location in Coral Springs, Florida, I am SUPER excited to share some of my go-to locations to reconnect with myself, my husband, and my family.

If you’re looking for local places to unwind and relax with your partner and/or family, I highly recommend checking out a few of these spots located in Coral Springs, Parkland, Coconut Creek, and surrounding communities.

Self-Care Locations for the Busy Mom

As a busy mom, I like to enjoy a few self-care locations by myself. Plus, it is important, not only for our kids to see how we take care of ourselves, but also essential in relationships to have space to really miss each other.

Mia’s Cake House in Deerfield Beach – is a great place to be creative while also having a sweet treat and it’s not a far drive from Coral Springs, Fl. They offer cupcake decorating classes for those who want to learn how to take their cupcakes from bleh to WOW!

I love baking and decorating, but I don’t have all the necessary tools at home, plus no matter how many cakes decorating YouTube videos or shows I watch, it doesn’t come out the same. At Mia’s Cake House in Deerfield Beach, they walk you different types of designs and you even get to take the treats home.

Not only is cupcake decorating fun, but research has shown that baking can improve your mood and have significant mental health benefits. So, it is a WIN/WIN.

Now, you are probably thinking “well why don’t you take your kids with you?,” well simple … I don’t like sharing my food LOL. But if you are looking for a baking camp for your kids, they have options plus online courses to do at home!

For times when I want to hang out with friends, I like to go to Naked Taco in the Promenade in Coconut Creek. They have REALLY good food, a nice atmosphere, and good drinks. The staff is super friendly and it’s a nice place to have fun without having to worry about the stress of work and life.

We can all use the time to not have worried! My favorite menu item is their signature chicharrones paired with a strawberry basil margarita … it is SO DELICIOUS!!

Another good resource to help improve your mental health is EXERCISE! Not my favorite activity, but we all know exercise is a great way to release endorphins, reduce stress, sleep better, and feel better about yourself. While I may not LOVE the thought of exercise, the benefits of engaging in physical activity outweigh how sweaty and gross I get LOL.

That being said, Coral Springs has great options for all different types of exercise. For those who love more of an open concept type gym, there are plenty of options such as Planet Fitness, LA Fitness, and YouFit gyms.

I personally love taking classes. It helps to keep me accountable plus I have no clue how to properly work out, so having an instructor there is extremely helpful.

Back in my youthful days (LOL) I went to American Top Team, a great facility that has recently moved to a MUCH BIGGER location in Coconut Creek. They teach different types of martial arts, I personally engaged in Muay Thai for a few years, and they even offer aftercare and camps for little kids.

If you are looking to let out some stress while releasing some endorphins American Top Team is a great place to sweat. PLUS, I met a great group of people that became really good friends afterward, so it is a great place to find adult friends.

Great Date Night Locations for Couples

Finding a great spot to reconnect and have fun with your partner can be hard to find. Luckily there are several great spots in Coral Springs that can make date night more exciting.

One of my favorite things to do with my husband is escape rooms. It allows us to have time away with the kids, go out without having to worry about building conversation (which can be hard at times) plus interact and problem solve. Red Button Escape Rooms in Coral Springs is REALLY FUN! They have several different escape room options that you can do with your partner or potentially invite a group of other couples to partake in. I would start with “Alien Invasion” if you are new to escape rooms!

Now, if you are looking to be a bit more adventurous, Axe Throwing Society in Pompano Beach is another great option to do with just your partner or a group of other couples. It helps to relieve a bit of stress by exerting some physical energy. Also if you REALLY fall in love with axe throwing, you can join their official league!

If Axe Throwing isn’t your jam there are also “rage rooms”. I know it sounds a bit out there but being able to break a few things (that you don’t own) helps to alleviate stress.

The best location is Wreck It Fort Laudy where their slogan is “Break Sh!t, Leave Happy!” … I mean, it is a great slogan. Both Axe Throwing Society and Wreck-It Fort Laudy is a great way to release some tension and have a good time with your partner. Plus it breaks the norm of regular date nights.

Family-Friendly Fun Spots

Having three kids that all have to be entertained seems like an impossible feat. Oftentimes it can be. Luckily, there are some great spots in Coral Springs and Parkland that everyone in the family can enjoy.

One of my son’s personal favorite spots is Monster Mini Golf. It is an indoor mini-golf location in Coral Springs where the whole course is under UV light. Now, I haven’t been able to do the laser tag or bowling yet (we get pretty wiped out with the mini-golf), but those are great options for kids of any age.

Now, my daughter is more of a foodie, like her mom, and she LOVES desserts. There happen to be two great places in the area that she likes to frequent. The first is called BeLove Creamery in Coconut Creek. The desserts are INCREDIBLE, but I have to warn you that a lot of other people know that too so it is very popular and busy. …. But the wait is SO WORTH it!

She also likes Cherry Smash in Coral Springs, which is also extremely close to the office. It is a nice carnival-type atmosphere so it is fun to look around, but their desserts are really good. They have GIANT sundaes, but I personally prefer a classic chocolate milkshake.

Now, if I want a specialty milkshake, I would stop at BrgrStop in Coconut Creek. They have the BEST specialty milkshakes. My personal favorite is Cocoa Krispies milkshake. They also have other old-school cereal milkshakes like Fruity Pebbles, Lucky Charms, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and Capt’n Crunch. If food was a love language it would definitely be my top preference!

Prioritizing time to take care of your mental health, while also taking care of your personal relationships can be a hard task. Fortunately, in Coral Springs, Parkland, and Coconut Creek, FL there are a lot of options for you to choose from. All you have to do is make yourself a priority.

That is the first step in good quality self-care. Then once you have that established you can start to integrate your romantic and family relationships into it as well. Having a good balance between all three is a great start to a good mental health routine.

Jessica Jefferson, LMFT |Self-Care Therapy Specialist

If you need additional help with making self-care a priority, I would be happy to help. Give me a call at 954-391-5305 for your complimentary consultation so we can discuss your needs and goals.

I offer counseling in Coral Springs, Fl and Fort Lauderdale, Fl. For more information about my approach or my services, click here.


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