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“Helping individuals and couples boost their self-esteem and happiness so that they finally live life with confidence.”

You often wonder what you’ve done to get to this point. A point where happiness seems like a distant memory and anxiety seems like an unwelcomed guest that won’t leave.


Sadness seems to consume you, sometimes out of nowhere and in the most unforeseen places. It doesn’t matter if you have someone in your life or if you are single, you just feel sad…and alone. 

You question, what you did to deserve this? What did you do to feel like the world around you is all happy and jolly, but you’re filled with sadness and anxiety?

You want answers, but they never come.

Family and friends tell you that “everything will be ok,” but they just don’t understand, which leaves you feeling unheard and ignored.

“Everything will be ok” doesn’t fix anything. Actually, it makes it worse, because then you feel like they honestly don’t care.

Imagine what it would feel like to be heard and understood. To feel like someone is listening to you and caring about your well-being. Better yet, someone to help you feel happy again.

Picture waking up feeling confident, where you no longer worry, stress, or feel overwhelmed. Imagine a life where you stop questioning yourself and your relationship.

What would that look like for you? What would that FEEL like? How would your life be different? 

My Story:

Hi, my name is Jessica Jefferson and I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. I help individuals and couples to help them gain back that confidence (or what I like to call swag) they once had but lost. 

Now, I know what you are thinking, “what does swag have to do with mental health?” It’s a valid question. One that I had as well, until I lost myself and then it made sense.

Take this quick journey with me on my “truth train”... 


So on my path, I got lost. In college, where we all tend to get lost. I was missing home, unsure what I should do with my future… pretty much just questioning everything. All of that affected me and my confidence, but the passing of my step-father shook my world.

After that, I lost pretty much everything that made me … me. Happiness felt like a distant memory and I felt like no one understood what I was going through. I was too emotionally and mentally exhausted to try to explain.

Long story short, it took me a year to finally realize that I had lost my way and several months of working on myself to finally get back to who I wanted to be.

A person who was happy. A person who decided to take back control of my life rather than pushing it away (which never works by the way). 

I went through that journey feeling lost and alone. Luckily for me I was able to use the tools that I have gathered from my therapeutic teachings and trainings. Tools that I now use with my clients to help them. 

Being able to learn from those dark moments has brought me to a place that feels freeing. It also led me to an incredible place now both professionally and personally. 

That is why my business is called, Cloud Nine Therapeutic Services, because I was able to use those dark moments and truly find my silver lining in life. I feel like nothing or no one can get in my way of happiness, because I created armor to protect me.

Even if something gets to me, it doesn't impact me as hard, because that armor took most of the damage. So I recover faster. My swag is like my inner superhero. 


Plus you can have that too. 

That is why I made it my mission be a guide for others, because we shouldn’t have to face that journey alone. We shouldn’t have to deal with the pain and hurt by ourselves because who wants to? 

Do you? 

Of course not. 

So let me join you on YOUR truth train so we can get you to the path of freedom, confidence and your own personal swag superhero! 

My Background 

Since I gave you some insight into who I am personally, let me tell you about my professional journey. 

I received my Bachelors in Psychology from the University of Miami. I have also earned a Masters in Psychology in Education from Teachers College-Columbia University, as well as a Masters in Family Therapy from Nova Southeastern University. 

I have taken Gottman Couples Therapy Level I training, which helps me understand the dynamics and fundamentals of couples work utilizing research and techniques developed by the Gottman Institute. 

I am in the process of working towards certification in perinatal mental health by the Postpartum Support International, to strengthen my work with new moms who need guidance as they grow their family. 

Lastly, I am a certified hypnotherapist, which I use to guide my clients who suffer from anxiety by giving them tools help decrease their anxiety levels with relaxation techniques and mindfulness exercises. 

Fun Facts

My house is a DC Comics house, so basically anything superhero related can be found in my home. I actually LOVE to debate with my husband about the psychology of many superheroes… which sounds weird as I think about it, but I find it fascinating. 

I especially love to dig deep into Batman’s history and ideology, plus those around him that add onto his story. 

Another fun fact, but shhhhhh don’t tell anyone. As a mom of two, I COMPLETELY understand the struggle of work/life balance, especially when it comes to our morning routine. On a regular basis you will probably find me dropping off my son in Superman sweats (don’t judge lol). If I could, I would definitely wear them to the office on the regular, they are extremely comfortable. 

Why Work with Me? 

Finding the right therapist for you is not an easy task. There are a lot of questions that you may have about the process and probably a lot of hesitations too. It’s understandable. 

I tell everyone that I speak with, that my job is to make you the best person/partner you can be. So I don’t really like to call it “therapy” but a conversation of getting to where you want to be. Keep it real, you probably don’t like the word “therapy” either, and that’s ok. 

Through our conversations we will work together to see what is keeping you down and how we can stop that from getting in your way. I keep it real with those that seek my help, because they’re tired of people just telling them what they think they want to hear. That doesn’t produce results, which is why they come to me. 

Now, you probably think that makes me harsh. Being real doesn’t mean I lack compassion. I provide a judgement free zone, because we’re all tired of negative comments and unnecessary “shade” that’s thrown our way. 

I’ll help you gain back that confidence that you are missing within yourself and your relationship so you can live your life with swag.

Find Your Sliver Lining Today...
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I look forward to speaking with you and helping your find your silver lining in life and in your relationship!

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