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How To Tackle Holiday Stress With Your Partner

I love the holidays. The decorations, food, family, friends, parties, and of course a good Hallmark movie. This time of the year can be filled with so much love and joy and can be a magical time to connect deeper with your partner. However, it can also be filled with some heavy duty STRESS. 

In couples therapy, it is common to see stress impact a relationship. Holidays are no exception as there are a lot of expectations, financial commitments, and scheduled events to balance. Sadly, it is not uncommon for couples to project their stressors onto each other, as this person is the one most likely with you more than anyone else. 

The holidays don't have to be a burden on your relationship, a little preparation and prioritizing the right coping skills can go a long way in getting through holiday stress together with ease!

Create A Schedule: 

This may be the most helpful way to manage holiday stress. Making a structured plan eliminates surprises that can cause anxiety. Whether it's splitting time at each other's family homes, who is going to cook what/when, or figuring out which holiday parties you can attend. Being prepared and nailing down a schedule together that works for both of you is a key component to minimizing holiday stressors. 

Delegate To Each Other: 

Don’t be afraid to split roles, tasks around the house, or various responsibilities that may pop up around the holidays. Stressors are handled better when you tackle it as a team rather than shoulder these things alone. It can also help if you identify each other's schedules, strengths, and free time to better delegate things to one another that may otherwise cause stress. 

Communicate Your Boundaries: 

As with any problems that couples may face, setting healthy boundaries is an important component to managing holiday stress. It is important to know what one another's boundaries are for things you may want to avoid, certain places you may not want to go, or topics that you may need to steer clear of in certain situations. Clearly communicate this with each other to help be prepared and uphold one another’s boundaries during the stressful holiday times. This skill helps you both better enjoy your time together and make the most of the holiday season.

Pick Your Battles:  

There may come a time during the holidays where the stress gets the best of you. You are only human after all. During stressful times, it is important to remember to pick your battles with your partner. It may seem easy to take out struggles on your significant other, but choosing how to navigate your conflicts and what to work through and what to let go is an important part of navigating stress. Remember, not everything needs to be an argument. 

Plan 1:1 Time: 

Lastly, scheduling a little 1:1 time together for  some romance, intimacy, and quality time is essential to helping minimize the stress of the holidays and reconnecting with your hunny. Whether you go out for date night or plan a romantic night in, creating the time for an oxytocin refresh can help you both get more motivated to tackle any stressors together. 

It is no secret that there can be a lot on our plates during the holidays, but when it comes to your relationship the holidays don't have to set you off course. Prioritizing these concepts can not only help you navigate stressors better together, but help your relationship really thrive during this holiday season!

If you and your partner are struggling with navigating any holiday stressors call my office today at 954-391-5305 and schedule a free phone consultation to discuss how therapy can help. 

Our newest office is located in Plantation, Florida where I specialize in any/all relationship needs for couples. I also offer individual therapy for adults struggling with anxiety, depression, relationship struggles, break-up recovery, and more. 

Virtual Therapy through a HIPAA compliant platform is also an option for a more convenient way to get the support you may need this busy time of year. Learn more about me, my services, and the benefits of therapy on my personal page.

The merriest of wishes to everyone and I hope you all have a very stress free holiday season!


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