Jamie Ratowski, LMFT 

Helping Adults and Couples Achieve Their Goals, Embrace Their Full Potential, and Experience Fulfillment

We all have goals, and we all need a little help from time to time to achieve them. But first, it’s essential that you find a therapist who is the right fit for you.


Are you looking to move on from a recent break-up? Want to build a strong, independent life? Are you stuck in an unhealthy, unhappy relationship? Or maybe you are feeling overwhelmed by stress or anxiety. If so, I can help.


As the founder of Brightside Therapy Services, I specialize in helping adults, teens, and couples overcome struggles such as relationship issues, anxiety, depression, anger management, unhealthy relationships, domestic violence, and more.


I make it my mission to provide quality, effective therapy to each and every one of my clients using a solution focused, strength-based approach that allows each person to work on their goals at their own pace.

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My Journey into Therapy

I have always felt my happiest and most fulfilled when I am helping others thrive. Seeing people learn, grow, achieve their goals, and THRIVE makes this job the most fulfilling experience for me. I love supporting those who ask for help, specifically those who WANT to change and grow. Individuals and couples who desire to be the best version of themselves are in a great position to benefit from my therapeutic services and tend to see positive results.


In starting my business, Brightside Therapy, I wanted my brand to encompass my own personality with a therapeutic twist. I have always had a bright, energetic, positive personality. The name “Brightside” stemmed from this, with the hope of channeling some optimism to my clients. I am a believer we can all find and create our own "brightside"!


Adult Therapy


There are no limitations to the many struggles and stressors we go through in life, and I can personally relate to needing some help from time to time. I have always felt pride in my work helping adults to challenge and overcome their struggles and to become the best, strongest, happiest version of themselves. I have helped clients work with anxiety, depression, anger management, self-esteem, self-empowerment, relationship struggles, and more. Together we can work towards achieving your personal goals.

Couples Therapy


I have never been afraid of hard work, which made couples therapy a perfect fit for me for a few reasons. Establishing healthy, strong relationships requires hard work and commitment from both partners. As a therapist, there must be a certain level of patience, commitment, creativity, and of course hard work involved as well. We will work hard together to achieve your relationship goals.

My Educational and Professional Background
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I have always known I wanted to pursue a career in therapy as I had an early passion to work with people, treat mental health, help strengthen relationships, and more.

I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Temple University in Psychology. I furthered my education here in sunny South Florida where I attended Nova Southeastern University and received my Masters Degree in Family Therapy.


I have experience working with at-risk teens and young adults struggling with many life challenges such as anxiety, school stress, family conflict, depression, and more. My higher education and training was done in relational therapy. I developed my love for couples therapy and treating various relationship issues. In addition, having training in Level 1 Gottman Method Couples Therapy has aided me to assist couples looking to overcome relationship struggles such as communication, loss of trust, domestic violence, conflict resolution, parenting struggles, and more.


I also have extensive experience and training working with individuals dealing with anxiety, depression, anger, domestic violence, relationship concerns, self-esteem struggles, stress, and much more.

Just for Fun

I am always teaching the importance of self-care in my therapeutic approach and I make sure to practice it myself as well. I was born and raised in Northeastern Pennsylvania, so I make sure to cherish the beauty and weather of sunny South Florida as much as I can. I absolutely love going to the beach! I can’t think of many things more beautiful than the ocean.


However, I would be lying if I didn’t say i love staying in and watching TV as well. I am a Netflix fanatic. Music is also one of the favorite coping skills. Spinning, exercise, jogging. I try to stay active. Most of all, spending time with my family and friends is my favorite therapy. There is nothing that makes me happier than being in the company of good, funny, genuine people.

Why Work with Me? 

I am well aware of the many therapy options available to you and I fully support the search to find the perfect fit for you. So let me provide a little bit about what makes my practice different.


  • I offer flexible appointment times including evening hours 

  • I offer an affordable rate to accommodate more clients

  • I utilize a collaborative, solution-focused, strength based approach in order to tailor the therapeutic experience to meet your PERSONAL needs and goals

  • Lastly, I bring my fun, energetic, passionate personality to sessions in order to make your therapeutic experience enjoyable while you are creating the changes you seek

Let’s start your Brightside Therapy journey together!

Contact me today to get your first session scheduled. I offer FREE 15 minute phone consultations to provide you with any more information you need and to answer all of your questions.


I am looking forward to speaking with you!


Phone: 954-391-5305

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