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Overcome Intrusive Memories of the Past With Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy

Intrusive memories can come to you out of the blue and make you feel like you are out of control, confused, and lost. They can be so intense to the point of paralyzing you from doing the day-to-day things of life. Intrusive thoughts/memories can be triggered by an external situation as well as an internal response to your surroundings such as visual images, smells, sounds, tastes, and body sensations. Sometimes it is easy to connect and make sense of what causes you to have them, other times, it is not.

One of the side effects of going through pain, grief, neglect, embarrassment, and vulnerability, in general, is how you tend to recollect and feel about those situations. As you know, you can go through the same significant experience as your sister and brother, friends, and co-workers, but you may perceive it and archive it in your mind, body, spirit, and heart differently.

Life-threatening events can definitely shatter your beliefs about yourself and can shake the way your nervous system processes emotions and situations. If you do not have the ability to regulate your emotions (keep them in check), then the way you store these memories in your mind, body, spirit, and heart will influence how you react in the future when these memories get triggered.

Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy/Hypnosis allows you to rewire the way you perceive yourself after those significant events.

You may have experienced intrusive memories that triggered emotions and thoughts of “not being good enough,” “I am worthless,” or “I am useless,” due to the painful situations you experienced in the early years of your life. These dysfunctional perceptions of yourself may trigger an automatic way of behaving and being that is negative or unhealthy.

During hypnosis, you’ll be invited into a relaxed trance. In this experience, you will be able to regress back in time, identify the unhealthy old conclusions that laid the foundation for the current unhealthy choices, and create new conclusions about old memories and choose new behaviors.

Processing intrusive memories and the overwhelming emotions that come with them can be incredibly uncomfortable. Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy will help you identify repressed memories and emotions that you have experienced because of a painful event in your life and that has been the source of your mental health challenges.

As we know, trauma can “hijack” your brain, therefore, the way you see yourself, the people, and the world around you. Intrusive memories can paralyze you from being the person you want to be. The mental and emotional flashbacks can be exhausting to live with. The good news is that you don’t have to let intrusive memories/thoughts hold you back any longer.

If you want to stop re-creating unhealthy behaviors, relationships, and negative perceptions of yourself; you want to start trusting yourself again, and you are wholeheartedly open to deeper healing, then reach out to Tatiana St. Germain today. I’d be happy to set up a complimentary consultation at 954.391.5305 so we can discuss how counseling and/or heart-centered hypnotherapy can be useful for you.

Tatiana provides counseling and hypnosis/hypnotherapy at our beautiful Coral Springs office and across the state of Florida via our secure telehealth (online counseling) platform. We look forward to helping you live your best life. You deserve it!


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