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4 Ways to Practice Self-Care in Coral Springs, Florida

Self-care is so essential to our mental health, but it is often placed on the back burner because when we have so much on our to-do lists it can seem counterproductive to take a break. We feel like we need to take care of all our obligations and those around us and then MAYBE if we have time, we do something for ourselves.

Many people believe self-care can be a selfish luxury when it’s actually necessary. On an airplane when the flight attendants are reviewing what to do if the cabin loses oxygen, do they say help everyone around you put on their mask? No. Why? You have to put your oxygen mask on first before you help others or you’ll run out of air while you’re trying to help. Self-care is the same; you need to attend to your needs so you have the stamina to help the people in your life who rely on you.

Self-care doesn’t look the same for everyone, but the premise of self-care is to do something for yourself that helps you feel recharged and replenished. This can be something as small as taking a few deep breaths or taking a shower to the bigger, more extravagant self-care activities like joining a gym or getting a massage.

Whatever you decide to do for yourself should fit your needs, not cause more stress. Maybe self-care is something you’ve been putting off and you’re unsure of where to start so here are a few ideas of ways to practice self-care in Coral Springs, Florida and surrounding areas (Parkland, Coconut Creek, and Boca Raton).

Get Outside:

Have you noticed when you go for a walk outside that you usually feel a little better after? In 2015, a study completed by Harvard Medical School found that individuals who completed a 90-minute nature walk experienced fewer ruminative thoughts, repetitive thoughts that focus on negative emotions. Ruminative thoughts are common for someone who experiences depression.

Not everyone has 90 minutes but imagine taking the time to get outdoors once a week, or even once every few days. There are some great parks in Coral Springs. Fern Glen Park is right by our Bayview Therapy office and ten minutes away is Fern Forest Nature Center which has beautiful nature trails.

Make a small, achievable goal of getting outside for 10-15 minutes this week and once you achieve it a few times in a row, see if you can increase the amount of time or number of days you take some time outdoors for yourself.


Move Your Body:

We all know how beneficial exercise is to physical health but exercising provides many benefits to mental health as well. Immediate effects of exercise on mental health include reducing feelings of anxiety and depression and exercising regularly can also improve sleep.

Joining a class or a gym can promote healthy relationships by helping build connections with others and reduce feelings of isolation. HEW Fitness is a nearby gym and offers a free class to new clients. Yoga is a great alternative if you’re newer to working out or if you have any injuries. Yoga can help you manage stress and improve sleep. Yoga4life has outdoor yoga classes that are social distancing friendly.

Treat Yourself:

Take yourself out to that dinner. Go to that spa. Order that pizza. Do the things you love and rarely do for yourself. For my own "treat yourself" days, I love to sit at a coffee shop or get a smoothie bowl and put my phone on silent. Raw Addiction has some excellent smoothie bowls and the staff is super friendly.

If you’re looking for more luxurious self-care, try scheduling a facial at The Alchemy Facial Bar. I promised myself that I would write about self-care without referring to face masks or skincare, but The Alchemy is amazing. Their staff is kind, knowledgeable and professional. You could also schedule massage at Swiss Haven Spa. Massages can improve immune function, reduce stress, and can even improve stress related insomnia. Both are located in the same plaza as Bayview Therapy.

Call a Therapist:

If you feel unmotivated or you’ve tried adding more self-care to your life and you feel like it isn’t helping, it might be time to call a therapist. Therapy can help with coping during major life transitions, manage stress, provide new insights, and help you feel empowered.

I can be reached at our new office located in the heart of Coral Springs (near Parkland, Coconut Creek and Boca Raton). I would love to help you experience greater peace, balance, and fulfillment. Call me at (954) 391-5305 and let's get started.


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