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10 tips for structuring your day during the challenges of COVID-19

It is even more imperative in these trying times that we mindfully care for ourselves and stay healthy. Practicing the following steps can help mitigate any stress and anxiety you are currently experiencing due to the coronavirus crisis.

1. Select the same time to wake up every day. This healthy habit will create a sense of consistency and help you maintain a structured routine.

2. Warm up to the day with 5-10 deep breaths. Deep inhale through your nose and slowly exhale through the mouth. Starting the day with a mindful moment will strengthen your ability to focus and connect to the present moment.

3. Review your “to-do list” for the day. Try to schedule your day based on your priorities (designate time frames to complete school work/tasks for work while also scheduling breaks throughout the day), remember to practice flexibility, and adjust your schedule as needed.

4. Nourish yourself with healthy foods + stay hydrated. Focus on eating foods high in vitamin C and vitamin D (your body needs vitamin D in order to absorb vitamin C). Also, aim to drink half your body weight in ounces of water in a day.

5. Spend at least 15-20 minutes outside to give your body sunlight and fresh air (while practicing social distance). Your body will absorb the most vitamin D early in the morning (7 am-9 am).

6. Connect with loved ones at least twice a day. FaceTime, phone call, or text message family members or friends. Social connectedness reduces feelings of loneliness and social isolation. It can also improve our quality of life, minimize the symptoms of depression, and can strengthen our immune system.

7. Self-reflect. Acknowledge how you’re feeling and give yourself permission to have those emotions as pushing them away or fighting them will only create internal friction.

8. Incorporate some sort of daily physical activity. Stretch, walk, yoga, etc. Moving your physical body can alleviate symptoms of anxiety, relieve stress, and helps you sleep better.

9. Get creative with at-home activities. Coloring or drawing, putting together a puzzle, relax with a cup of tea while watching your favorite movie, cleaning or organizing your living space, etc.

10. Practice 5-10 minutes of gratitude before you go to sleep. Taking time to reflect on what you are grateful for can boost your mood and your personal sense of well-being.

Are you feeling unsettled and uneasy about the changes happening all around you? Remember you are not alone in any of this.

If you’re feeling unsure of how to navigate and respond to these changes, please reach out! I’d love to work with you and support you during this time. Call today at 954 391 5305 to schedule a telehealth session via a HIPAA compliant phone or video platform. I look forward to meeting with you!


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