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Why You Need to Incorporate Positive Self-Talk Today!

You Need to Incorporate Positive Self-Talk Today!

Have you ever been in a foul mood or a negative state of mind and had someone tell you to simply “change your perspective.” Rarely, if ever, while you’re drowning in that negative tunnel do you stop to take heed of such advice. However, think twice, as we really should… changing our perspective and practicing positive self-talk can drastically increase our moods and elevate happiness. Here's why you need to incorporate positive self-talk today.

Our thoughts affect and dictate our actions. So theoretically if we were to change what goes on between our ears and re-wire our thoughts to a more positive point of view our actions, behaviors, and daily routines would change for the better. Practicing and adopting positive self-talk can help us set in motion events that will present us with greater rewards.

Curiously enough we spend a lot of time immersed in our own thoughts. But some of these thoughts can be far more destructive than others. We tend to remember insults and painful exchanges much more than compliments received and praises given. In practicing positive self-talk we must first challenge that internal negative chatter and work towards erasing any insulting or scaring messages. It’s easier said than done. Making efforts to cultivate more positive self-talk takes work and in recognizing that, you’re already showing signs that you’re well on your way to peace of mind.

Below are some helpful “how-to’s” that may not take place overnight, but can absolutely build a bridge to betterment in looking at things more optimistically and finding hope in any situation.

  • Accentuate the positives and stop focusing on the negative. What you focus on magnifies!

  • Observe how your chartered thoughts are making you feel, recognize when you’re on an emotional high, and map when you’re feeling particularly low. Harness those feelings to recreate what you like and discontinue what you don’t

  • When you’re faced with a seemingly debilitating rut, shift your perspective and incorporate some positive affirmations to give you an extra boost.

Positive self-talk is a known practice among optimists. You can be well on your way to a glass-half-full kind of vision… you’re already halfway there!

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