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We're Jumping for Joy! We've Moved into Our Beautiful New Office... YAY!!!

Exciting news!!! Our brand new, luxurious counseling and psychology group practice is officially OPEN for business as of Monday, January 21, 2019. Yay!! :)

We started the relocation and expansion process in February 2018. We searched and searched for the perfect office space for our clients and team, but couldn't find exactly what we wanted so we went on a mission to build our dream office space from scratch.

It was a massive project, but all the hard work, determination, and perseverance FINALLY paid off. It's so surreal and amazing to see our vision for this office finally become a reality. Stay tuned for professional pictures of our new office design and decor coming soon! See the below image for the outside view of our new office.

Bayview Therapy New Office | Destination for luxurious counseling and psychology group practice

Our office is unique in that we provide a relaxing, spa-like atmosphere with beautiful new artwork and luxury furniture helping clients to feel more comfortable as soon as they walk inside our suite.

Our 5 counseling rooms were designed with an intentional vibe and unique theme to create a calming and inspiring experience for each one of our clients.

We also have a large conference room for community networking events, workshops, and training. Since we want to extend our reach to help as many people as possible, we built a really cool media productions room for podcasting, video recording, and live webinars!

Our team of 15 caring and dedicated clinicians is BEYOND EXCITED to better SERVE our south Florida clients, friends, and community. We're getting amazing feedback from everyone who sets foot in our space. We are grateful to have such a beautiful office to do what we love... making a difference!

We're happy to help you or your loved ones so give us a call at 954-391-5305 to see how Bayview Therapy can help you reach your goals. Visit our website for more info about our team and services

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