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5 Tips To Get Unstuck To Start Living Your Best Life

Hi, my name is Heather Deecken. I’m a licensed clinical social worker in the state of Florida and practicing in the beautiful offices of Bayview Therapy. 

A pattern I notice coming up with most of my clients is that they are feeling “stuck”. They feel stuck in their careers, their living situations, their relationships, and so on. 

Are you feeling frustrated because you have to show up to a 9-5 job that you are miserable at, however you feel you need to stay there for job stability? Maybe you are struggling with feelings of loneliness because you can’t go see your friends and family as easily as you could have a few months ago? The list can go on and on but at the end of the day, you just feel stuck and powerless. 

I wanted to share 5 ways that you can begin to feel “unstuck” in your life and begin to create a life you truly want.

1. Start Differentiating Between the Things You Can Control and the Things You Cannot Control

Many times when we are feeling stuck, it is not that we don’t have any control. The real issue is that we are trying to control the wrong things. When we become preoccupied with trying to change things we have absolutely no control over, it creates feelings of frustration and powerlessness. We focus so hard on controlling these impossible things that we lose sight over the things that we can control.

If you are feeling stuck in your current situation, I challenge you to shift your perspective. Start asking yourself, “What do I have control over right now?” When we begin to focus on these things, we tend to feel a lot more power over our current situation.

2. Recognize What Story You are Telling Yourself

Oftentimes, without even knowing it, we are replaying the story of our past. Whether we constantly remind ourselves of the times we weren’t able to accomplish something or a time where we feel we weren’t good enough, these stories continue to play a significant part in our present and future. We begin to question our ability to accomplish future goals.

What story are you telling yourself? Is it one of the past or is it an encouraging and hopeful one for the future?

3. Know Where You are Going

A common “rut” we fall into is when we don’t have direction. We don’t know where we are going. Sit down and take some time to envision where you want to be heading. Where do you want to be in 6 months or a year from now? What about 5 years from now?

When you identify what those goals are, begin to envision them. Take five minutes every morning to close your eyes and really envision what it would feel like for you to work towards these goals. Even better, what it would feel like to ACCOMPLISH these goals. You are capable and you are worth working toward what you really want. 

4. Get Your Team on Your Side

Creating these goals are great, however telling others about them takes it to a whole new level. Get some supportive friends and family to cheer you on, hold you accountable, and be there for the difficult days. 

Telling other people about what changes you are trying to make increases the likelihood of you really going after these goals. 

5. Practice Gratitude

When we are feeling “stuck”, we often find ourselves focusing on the things that are not going “right” or ideal in our lives. We tend to be so preoccupied with what we don’t like in our lives that we forget to acknowledge the things that we do like and appreciate in our lives.

Take a few moments to find a bit of gratitude each day whether that is making a gratitude list each morning or reflecting at the end of the night on what went well that day. This way, we can start to invite that abundance into our lives.

If you continue to feel you need more guidance on how to get “unstuck” in your life right now and to begin taking control over your life, please call me at 954.391.5305 for a free 15-minute consultation. 


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