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Bayview Therapy Partners with First Responder Children's Foundation - Press Release

New York, Aug. 22... First Responders Children’s Foundation (FRCF), a national 501-c3 organization dedicated to serving the children of U.S. first responders, which includes firefighters, police officers, paramedics, EMTs, and 911 dispatchers, today announced that it will be providing up to 500 hours of mental health resilience counseling to struggling children of Florida first responders through a partnership with Bayview Therapy – a counseling and psychology group practice located in south Florida.

In addition to mental health counseling, FRCF focuses on critical areas including scholarships, emergency financial hardship grants, bereavement grants, and disaster relief for the families of first responders who are directly affected by the very wildfires, tornadoes, floods, or hurricanes their loved ones are out battling. FRCF also has a robust community engagement program to help forge lasting relationships that build trust, inspire future first responders, and strengthen the bonds between communities and public safety agencies across the country.

Children of first responders can experience a variety of mental health issues due to the stress, trauma, and uncertainty that their parent(s) experience in their line of work,” said Jillian Crane, President and CEO of First Responders Children’s Foundation. “This can manifest in the form of anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, sleep disturbances, and developmental delays. Children of first responders may need extra emotional support due to the high-stress environment that their family is in, so FRCF is making available to them up to 10 hours of counseling with culturally competent, trauma-trained therapists.”

Dr. Kate Campbell - Founder & CEO at Bayview Therapy stated, “We are honored to partner with the First Responder Children’s Foundation to provide specialized counseling for the children and families of first responders.”

Dr. Campbell went on to say, “First responders are not the only ones that have to deal with the unique demands of this dangerous and stressful career. Their children and families are impacted by the unique stress, anxiety, trauma, and secondary losses of their parent(s) shift work. Counseling with therapists who are experienced working with the children and families of first responders can help to boost resiliency, mental health, and overall well-being.”

Ms. Crane emphasized that what’s raised in Florida stays in Florida: “We’re actively seeking support from individuals and corporate partners in the Sunshine State to expand the number of counseling slots and other services that we can make available to these children. Please stay tuned for future announcements!”

Through the Resiliency Program, children (age 5 - 25) of first responders are eligible to receive up to 10 counseling sessions for free. They must have at least one parent who is a first responder and can apply by submitting an application.


First Responders Children’s Foundation is a national foundation that provides programs and resources that address the specific needs of children of first responders. The Foundation focuses on critical areas, including scholarships, financial assistance grants; bereavement assistance, mental health counseling for children; disaster relief; and community engagement programs to foster positive relationships between first responder agencies and the communities they serve. FRCF was founded over 22 years ago in response to 9/11 when 800 children lost a first responder parent. Additional information about FRCF can be found at and on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @1strcf.


Bayview Therapy is a premier counseling and psychology group practice with offices located in Fort Lauderdale, Coral Springs, and Plantation Florida. They also provide online counseling across the state of Florida. Since 2011, Dr. Kate Campbell (Founder & CEO) and the Bayview team has provided counseling, psychological evaluations, and psychiatric medication for children, adults, couples, and families dealing with a broad range of challenges. Bayview has a strong passion for helping first responders and their families boost resilience, mental health, and overall well-being.


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