Jackie Schwartz, LMFT 

"Helping adults & couples achieve happiness,

connection & fulfillment."

I’m Jackie Schwartz, a licensed marriage and family therapist and the founder of A Better Life Now, by Jackie. Are you experiencing anxiety, insomnia, depression, low self-esteem, relationship conflict, or parenting problems? Life can be overwhelming and lonely, which can lead to depression, anxiety, and feelings of helplessness and powerlessness.

As a result, you may feel like no one can relate to what you are going through. I understand how lonely and isolating that can be, and I am here for you! I have a very high success rate navigating clients to better versions of themselves and helping couples reconnect and rebuild trust and intimacy. I know it can be difficult to take the first step in reaching out for help but I want to help you take your power back!  

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My Services

Growing up in south Florida has exposed me to a variety of people, of many cultures, from all walks of life. I am fascinated by people and their differences, providing me with a profound interest in human behaviors and exploring why we do what we do and why we feel how we feel.


I help people overcome crippling negative thinking patterns, striving towards happiness and knowing the self. I aim to motivate my clients to achieve their goals in their personal and professional lives. I assist clients with improving self-esteem, self-worth, overcoming personal/professional challenges, stress, and relationship issues. I guide, re-empower, and work to improve your ability to achieve desired outcomes. I provide tools for support and broadening perspectives to help you achieve your goals. I strive to help you recognize your self worth and capabilities that have been diminished and underestimated. 


Together we will identify the problem and behavioral patterns, so you can find peace, happiness, love and confidence. In my practice I create a safe environment to self reflect, explore, and enhance lives. I'm passionate about helping those who suffer from depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem find their way to a more fulfilling life. You will begin to look forward to loving each new day. My methods are designed for increased self reflection, insight into ourselves and others, and love for the self.

Couples Therapy
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Attending couples therapy can be a scary experience for many people, preventing them from seeking out help when it’s needed. Understandably, couples worry of hearing things that they don’t like or saying things that their partner won’t like.


At A Better Life Now, by Jackie I will provide a safe environment to express your needs, rehearse and implement better patterns of communication and explore patterns of interaction that are playing a negative role in relationship.


It's so important for you to know that you CAN have the relationship you've always dreamed of and you can do it by modifying old and unhelpful patterns of thinking, communicating and self-talk. I have many years of experience helping people find hope and connection while regaining their sense of power and inner strength.

Individual Therapy

I will work with you individually in a safe, caring and confidential environment to explore feelings, beliefs and behaviors. I assist with challenging influential experiences and helping to recognize unhealthy patterns of thinking that lead to low self esteem and self shaming thoughts. I will work to identify aspects of your life that you wish to be different and set personal goals to initiate change.


Whether you are suffering from, depression, anxiety or consistent negative thinking I will help you develop or rebuild the necessary coping skills to manage through such feelings successfully while developing an increased understanding of yourself and others. I aim to help you set personal goals and work towards change that will lead to a better life!

My Background

I received my Masters degree from Nova Southeastern University in 2010 and have worked in community mental health, substance abuse and have been dedicated to private practice for 4 years. I have specialty training in Gottman Couples Therapy and continue to attend trainings for Emotionally Focused Therapy which assists couples and individuals.

Just For Fun

I am born and raised in South Florida so my family and I have always loved fishing on the ocean, dining out and going to the beach. I try to practice what I preach, which means ensuring that I’m taking care of myself mentally and physically I regularly participate in rigorous workouts and love spending time at home with my family. My guilty pleasures include but are not limited to Hulu, Netflix and ordering in sushi and Chinese food.  If I had my way, I’d take my dog everywhere with me!

Why Work with Me? 

When you work with me, you will feel supported and understood. I bring a positive and compassionate energy into every session. I have taken extensive post graduate training in couples therapy and I continue to train and retrain myself even after 10 years as a therapist.  


I will never presume that I know or understand your life better than you. I understand that I as your therapist may be the only person whom you confide in and that is something that I never take for granted. I will believe in the ideal vision you have for your life and I will work with you until you reach that vision. l will never give up on you.

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Get Started Today!

Contact me today to get your first session scheduled at 954-391-5305.


I offer FREE 15 minute phone consultations to provide you with any more information you need and to answer all of your questions. I'm excited to help you on your path to healing and happiness! 

For more information visit my website.

Rave Reviews

Me and my wife were struggling for years and after several months of working with Jackie, things began to turn around in such positive ways. Our experience with her was different then other experiences with couples therapists and we never dreaded going to therapy and without Jackie, our marriage might not be what it is today”.


“Working with Jackie was very impactful for me. She helped me make sense of things and I felt very safe in her presence. If not for her I’m not sure if I would’ve made it through some really tough times. She’s an asset to anyone who needs help”. 

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