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Nicole Ambrose
Licensed Clinical Social Worker
“Helping Adults Explore the Connections Between Their Mind & Body to Heal From Trauma & Stress so They can Evolve as Their Most Authentic Self." 

Everyday life is not easy for everyone. Situations that require a commitment to a quick decision can seem nearly impossible when your mind is flooded with questions, self doubt, and worry. Even under calm and relaxed circumstances, you may feel on edge, tense, and easily agitated. The negative talk in your mind interferes with your relationships, your performance at work, and how you view yourself in the mirror. 


Your brain and body are worn out! While you’re consumed with the racing thoughts, worries, and fears, your body is sending out all kinds of alerts that it needs help. Your appetite fluctuates. ​Your sleep is inconsistent. Your digestion is off. You might even have panic attacks that come at the blue seemingly unprovoked. 


If you relate to anything that you’ve read so far, then you may be someone with anxiety and panic issues…or someone that has experienced trauma that hasn’t been addressed…or both. Regardless of what you identify more with, the common factor underlying anxiety, panic, and trauma is chronic stress. Stress on the body and stress on the brain. 

There was a time in my life when I would have resonated with all of the above. Visualize for a moment what life would be like if you had the tools to manage stress better. What would it be like to wake up feeling confident that you could handle whatever the day threw at you?  If you were given an opportunity to better understand yourself and be free from what’s holding you back, would you take it?


How would your life change if you could regain a sense of control, experience peace, and discover your authenticity?

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Learn More About How I Help Adults Live Their Best Lives...
My Counseling + EMDR Therapy Services 

Young Adult Individual Counseling (Age 18-25):


This period of time in life can be particularly challenging. The transition from teenage years into young adulthood can be rough. In fact, the word “transition” is a good one to describe this chapter in life. A transition from high school to college. A transition from your family home to your own place. A transition from part time work to a full time career.


Many of the relationships we have go through a transition during this phase as well. Some friends drop off and new ones develop. Romantic relationships can become more intense as you mature and discover what’s important to you. That’s a lot to adjust to!! Now add anxiety and self esteem issues on top of it and it can feel like your life is falling apart.


This is a time when therapy can be incredibly helpful! When everything around you is changing and you’re faced with some difficult decisions about the direction you’re taking your life in, therapy can be a grounding point for you. It’s a space to unload your stress and work through it with support, understanding, and gentle guidance if needed.


I can help you learn healthier coping strategies to manage anxiety and stress. I can help you uncover unhelpful cycles of thinking that undermine your confidence and interfere with your happiness and your relationships with other people. I can help you create habits and routines that make adulting easier to handle. Together, we can figure out who you are, how you fit into this world, what your goals are, and how to achieve them!


Adult Individual Counseling (Age 26+):


Making the decision to begin therapy, especially later in life, can take time. Often I hear from people that they have considered therapy for several months and sometimes years before making the call to me. I think this is partially because it’s hard committing and investing in ourselves and our healing at times. Life gets really busy! Other responsibilities get in the way. Maybe you’ve had a not-so-great experience in therapy in the past. Or maybe you’re just not totally convinced it can help. Whatever the case may be, if you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, out of control, unhappy, or unfulfilled you are a great candidate for therapy. 


My expertise as a therapist is in anxiety, stress, trauma, and self esteem issues. I’m here to help you better understand your story, heal from past experiences, clarify your values, needs, and boundaries, and align yourself with what brings you happiness and contentment. While I’ve worked in many different areas of the mental health field, I have honed my practice in these areas because I’ve found that they not only often overlap with each other but they also really interfere with one’s ability to function in life. 


In our work together, you can count on having a secure and nonjudgmental space to unpack the things you’ve been holding on to. I can help you process and heal from what you’ve been through and bring awareness to patterns that perpetuate problems in your life. I can teach you new strategies for coping in a healthy way. I can offer support and guidance around stressors that you’re facing. I can help you recognize your internal strengths and rediscover your self confidence. It’s a beautiful process to witness when a person comes in feeling lost and leaves feeling secure and empowered. This can be you!

EMDR Therapy (Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing): 

I offer specialized sessions using EMDR therapy, an evidenced-based method for those with trauma, anxiety, OCD, and phobias. EMDR uses the brain’s natural ability to adapt and resolve issues as a means of healing.


EMDR is unique in that it allows you to process difficult memories and experiences without requiring you to talk in great detail about the issue - avoiding the potential for re-traumatizing yourself throughout the healing process. When you experience distress and/or trauma, your body’s stress response is triggered and you begin to form associations. These associations become your beliefs and shape your view of yourself and the world around you.


With EMDR, we process your experiences in a way that allows you to reduce the emotional response you have and develop a new understanding of yourself and your trauma. The goal is not to relive your trauma, but to focus on the mark it has left on your self concept. Through bilateral stimulation and processing, you will adapt your perspective in a way that releases you from the intense emotions and issues that prevent you from moving forward - things like grief, guilt, shame, fear, anger, resentment, rejection, abandonment, control etc.

EMDR therapy is not for everyone right away. You may need to start with developing healthy coping strategies and creating some stability in your life before you’ll be a good candidate for this type of therapy. In our work together, we can discuss and develop a treatment plan that will meet your needs and provide you with the best outcomes.

Integrative & Holistic Medicine Education & Support: 

A significant focus of my work is on the mind-body connection. There is a bi-directional relationship between our mental and physical health - meaning that each has an influence on the other.


It’s my belief that for the best results in mental health therapy we have to consider the whole person - mind, body, and spirit. By making changes to your sleep routines, nutrition, exercise/movement habits, and developing some sort of spiritual practice (whatever that means for you), you CAN improve your mental health in a natural way. Stress is a major precursor to disease in the body. It breaks down your immune system, causes dysregulation in your digestive system, and negatively impacts your brain’s functioning.


Working with me, we will use a whole-body approach to create interventions that are going to be best for you. I will give you the tools to integrate into your life outside of our sessions to begin healing your body and mind. I provide education and guidance for developing practices of self nourishment, self love, and self connection.


You’ll learn ways to regulate your emotions using your breath, what foods can help reduce and manage anxiety and stress in the body, and other mind-body strategies that can create a sense of peace and tranquility in your life. 

My Story

I started my journey in this field as many young social workers do, with eyes-wide and a superhero cape securely fastened. I had no idea that I was going to go through my own transformations in this work.


Through my experiences as a therapist, I have found that trauma and chronic stress are at the root of so many mental and physical health problems. This was certainly true in my personal life and what I found was that most of the treatment available was symptom-focused and reactive. The issue with this approach in my opinion is it’s too ‘one size fits all.’ We’re all more complex than that. 

I always say I’m human first and a therapist second. I have made it my goal to take time to ask questions and dig deep to find explanations that go beyond the surface level, beyond the symptom. I am comfortable ditching the prescribed therapy approach and adapting the process to fit your needs.


As one person helping another, I want to empower you to own your story and your life by investing the time and care needed for you to feel safe and secure. When you feel comfortable with me, knowing that I have zero desire or intent to judge or criticize you, beautiful things can unfold in our work together. This is one of the main points that others have valued about their work with me. I’ve seen a lot of growth and success in my former clients and that brings me fulfillment. I want to offer that same opportunity to you.

My Background

I am the founder and owner of Direct Intentions, LLC. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the states of Florida and Massachusetts. I have a Bachelors and a Masters degree in Social Work from Westfield State University in Massachusetts. I have worn several hats as a social worker, but I have worked as a therapist for eight years. 


I’ve had the pleasure of working with a diverse population of people - many different backgrounds and life circumstances, different ages, and different struggles. Each person I cross paths with has influenced my growth as a professional in this field.  I genuinely respect all those that have trusted me to be a part of their healing journey. I’ve seen a lot; I’ve heard even more; and this gives me the ability to ask the hard questions and offer perspectives that maybe have been missed or overlooked. 


I made the decision to start my own practice so that I could focus my work in areas where I’m most effective. Most agencies and treatment centers require you to know a little about a lot and that’s somewhat unfair to the people in need of help. This wasn’t for me, so I opened my doors and flipped my approach to become an expert on certain issues. I enjoy learning, so I’m often in search of new training and books to expand what I can offer. I have a natural curiosity and desire to understand that really benefits me as a therapist.

Just For Fun

When I’m not working, I enjoy spending time with friends and family. It’s fun to go out for something to eat, hit a music festival or get away for the weekend with others, but I also really enjoy chillin at home, laying on the beach or by the pool, and watching movies in solitude.


I’m an artsy kind of person - I love drawing, crafts, music and dancing. I’m the person you’ll drive by putting on a full blown singing production in her car. Nature is my happy place! Even though it’s absurdly hot most of the time in Florida, I still love being outside - swimming in the ocean, walking in the woods, or getting dirty in the garden. If I’m honest, I truly miss the mountains in the Northeast where I’m from, but I make do with what Florida has to offer.


Holistic medicine and cooking are definitely passions of mine. Meditation starts my day and coffee, of course. I work hard to practice what I preach, so many of my habits and hobbies focus around self love, self care, and whole body healing.

Why Work with Me? 

My style is direct and honest. I may point things out that don’t feel good to hear, but the intent always comes from a place of compassion and care. I don’t like a lot of ‘fluff’ to fill the time. It’s important to me that your time is respected and used for your complete benefit. I value transparency and collaboration in my work with people.


I have a calm energy and I can hold space for you when you need it. Therapy can feel a little awkward at first, but I’ll do my best to make it comfortable for you. For a little bonus, I enjoy a bit of sarcasm and humor (at the appropriate time of course) so you may even get a good laugh in. 


Give me a call and assess the vibe you get; that’s going to tell you more about whether I’m a good fit for you than anything else. I offer flexible appointment times, including evenings, and I’m available for online therapy as well.

Take the Next Step, Schedule Today...

Give me a call at 954.391.5305 for your complimentary phone consultation so we can chat about how I can help and then schedule your first session.

I provide counseling and EMDR therapy for adults at our beautiful office located in Coral Springs, Florida near Parkland and Coconut Creek, Florida. I also provide online counseling via our secure telehealth platform for those who reside in the state of Florida. 

Making the call is the first BIG step! I look forward to partnering with you on your healing journey.

For more information about myself or my approach to counseling, visit my website

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