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Licensed Clinical Social Worker

“Helping adults explore the connections between their mind and body to heal from trauma and stress and evolve as their most authentic self." 

Do you find yourself feeling nervous or on edge, even when it doesn’t seem like there’s a legit reason for it?  Does your mind feel crowded with thoughts and worries making it difficult to concentrate?  Do you have a hard time at social gatherings because you fear being disliked, or struggle with trust, or maybe it just takes too much damn energy and effort to ‘be on’ when you’re around people? 

What about what’s happening in your body? Does your heart race? You feel tension in your neck and shoulders and maybe your jaw? Do you often have a stomach ache, nausea, or problems with digestion? Is your sleep schedule messed up? 

There was a time in my life when I could have answered ‘yes’ to every one of those questions. Visualize for a moment what life would be like if all of this pressure was lifted from you. If you were given an opportunity to better understand yourself and be free from what’s holding you back, would you take it?


How would your life change if you could regain control over your thoughts and emotions? Imagine discovering your true self and living with intention. 

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My Counseling + EMDR Therapy Services 

Adult Individual Counseling 

I work primarily with adults experiencing difficulties with anxiety, stress, trauma, and self esteem issues. My practice is inclusive, so all cultural backgrounds, identities, interests and abilities are welcomed and honored.


Much of the work I do could fall under the umbrella of self discovery work. What the heck does that mean? Essentially, our goal is to first understand and then create change. We want to understand your current struggles by exploring the impact of your past experiences on the way you think and your ability to function. Through this process, you will discover new parts of yourself, and an opportunity will present to figure out who you are, what your purpose is in this world, and how you’d like to live your life. 

EMDR Therapy (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) 

I offer specialized sessions using EMDR, an evidenced-based therapy for those with trauma, anxiety, OCD, and phobias. This method uses the brain’s natural ability to adapt and resolve issues as a means of healing.


EMDR is unique in that it allows you to process difficult memories and experiences without requiring you to talk in great detail about the issue avoiding the potential for rehashing or re-traumatizing yourself throughout the healing process.


When you experience distress and/or trauma, your body’s stress response, the fight-flight-freeze-fawn response, is triggered and you begin to form associations. If you live with a lot of stress, chances are that your stress response is in overdrive on a regular basis, causing you to feel ‘stuck’ and easily overwhelmed and can influence your ability to function in your day to day life.


With EMDR, you will not forget your memories or experiences, but we will process in a way that allows you to reduce the emotional response you have and develop a new way of understanding them so that you can move forward in your life. 

Integrative and Holistic Medicine Education and Support 

A significant focus of my work is on the mind-body connection. There is a bi-directional relationship between our mental and physical health, meaning that each has an influence on the other.


Wouldn’t it feel empowering to know you can make a few simple changes to your eating and sleeping habits to improve your mood in a natural way? Stress is a major precursor to disease in the body. It breaks down your immune system, causes dysregulation in your digestive system, and negatively impacts your brain’s functioning.


Working with me, we will use a whole-body approach to create interventions that are going to be best for you. I will give you the tools to participate in healing your body and mind, even when you’re not in a session with me. I provide education about the relationship between the food we eat and our mental health. I will share about alternative body therapies and spiritual practices to help you overcome challenges and achieve balance in your life.


If you’re interested in naturopathic or herbal medicine, I’m happy to refer you to resources in the area. Pharmaceutical medication certainly has a place in the treatment of mental health, but it is not the ONLY effective approach and in fact there are a number of natural methods used all over the world that may work for you.

My Story

I started my journey in this field as many young social workers do, with eyes-wide and a superhero cape securely fastened. I had no idea that I was going to go through my own transformations in this work. Through my experiences as a therapist, I have found that trauma and chronic stress are at the root of so many mental and physical health problems. This was certainly true in my personal life and what I found was a lot of the treatment was symptom-focused and reactive. The issue with this approach in my opinion is it’s too ‘one size fits all.’ We’re all more complex than that. 

I always say I’m human first and a therapist second. I have made it my goal to take time to ask questions and dig deep to find explanations that go beyond the surface level, beyond the symptom. I am comfortable ditching the prescribed therapy approach and adapting the process to fit your needs. As one person helping another, I want to empower you to own your story and your life by investing the time and care needed for you to feel safe and secure. When you feel comfortable with me, knowing that I have zero desire or intent to judge you or criticize you, beautiful things can unfold in our work together. This is one of the main points that others have valued about their work with me. I’ve seen a lot of growth and success in my former clients and that brings me fulfillment. I want to offer that same opportunity to you. 

My Background

I am the founder and owner of Direct Intentions, LLC. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the states of Florida and Massachusetts. I have a Bachelors and a Masters degree in Social Work from Westfield State University in Massachusetts. I have worn several hats as a social worker, but I have worked as a therapist for seven years. 

Just For Fun

When I’m not working, I enjoy spending time with friends and family. I love art, music and dancing; and have been known to put on full blown productions when I sing in my car. I really enjoy connecting with nature by swimming in the ocean, hiking in the woods, or getting dirty in the garden. Holistic medicine and cooking are definitely passions of mine. I’m a total foodie. I find serenity in meditation, yoga, and reading. 

Why Work with Me? 

My style is direct, honest, and compassionate. I don’t like a lot of ‘fluff’ to fill the time. It’s important to me that your time is respected and used for your complete benefit. I enjoy a bit of sarcasm and humor (at the appropriate time of course). I value transparency and collaboration in my work with people. Together we will find solutions that allow you to overcome the obstacles preventing you from living your best life. 

I offer flexible appointment times, including evenings, and I’m available for online therapy as well.

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I look forward to partnering with you on your healing journey.

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