Dr. Alex Gard, LMFT, PMH-c 
Helping Teens & Women Strengthen Their Relationships, Reconnect with Themselves & Claim their Joy

I have intentionally created a practice that focuses on enhancing women’s emotional health. My purpose lies in helping women and girls overcome whatever their current barriers are. Whether that be anxiety, issues with self esteem, relational issues or navigating life transitions.  


Therapy isn’t always about fixing a problem, therapy can also be equally as powerful to prevent problems down the road. Many of my clients are looking to enhance or improve their lives and relationships in some capacity. 


I am especially passionate about my work with expectant and new moms - as I do not feel like there is enough support for the transition to motherhood, or from couple to first time parents. There is also not enough attention paid to the fundamental life shift that occurs after a baby is born. I work to educate and support expectant and new mothers so that they are less likely to experience a postpartum mood disorder, and work to provide new moms with skills to bolster both their relationships and mental health postpartum. 

Counseling for Teens

Are you a parent who is concerned about your teen daughter? Do you feel that she is wrestling with an issue, and yet has difficulty talking to you about it? Do you want to make sure that she is okay and on the right track?


I hear you. It’s often hard for teens to express themselves freely to parents. If you think that she may benefit from having an outlet, then you’re probably right. My goal in my work with teens is to help them tackle whatever issue they are currently wrestling with, so that they can more confidently navigate all the ups and downs that accompany adolescence.

My Story

I have intentionally built a female-centered practice because I understand that as women we have a unique set of challenges that require unique support. I tailor my therapy to meet women’s specific and unique needs.


My passion for empowering women was instilled in me at a very young age, as I was raised by two very fierce, brazen women, my mother and maternal grandmother, who instilled in me the values of being a courageous and independent woman. Their avid belief in me carried me through periods in my life where I doubted myself and struggled with low self-worth. I was only able to pull myself out of that funk when I truly learned to believe in myself.

Women are powerful and when we believe in ourselves, we can change the trajectory of our lives. That is why I’m drawn to working with women. My passion and purpose is to help women thrive and lead lives they are truly proud of.


I help women who are dreaming of a better life, actually live it.

Fun Facts

I am a huge dog lover! I have a French Bulldog named Poppy who is the light of my life! She is such a sweet, loving girl and sometimes she makes her appearance in therapy sessions. (Please feel free to request a session with her!)


When I’m not working, I really enjoy spending time with family & friends. I am a big foodie and love to cook, and try the best restaurants around town.


Another big part of my life is working out and I am an avid fitness lover. I enjoy exercise because it keeps me healthy, but it is also a great outlet for stress.

Why work with me?

As my client, you can expect a personalized experience from the very beginning. I truly take the time to form meaningful relationships with my clients, and tailor therapy to meet their specific needs. Therapy for me is heart-centered work, and I intentionally create a safe therapeutic environment so that my clients feel comfortable and at peace. I provide therapy that is collaborative, strength-based and effective; which allows women to truly reach their goals.


Issues relevant to this practice include:

-Relational issues such as divorce, separation or the ending of a relationship

-Relational issues within an existing relationship


-Major life transitions such as career changes, children launching from the home, etc.

-Identity issues


-Postpartum issues (anxiety, depression, navigating the transition into parenthood)

Are you ready to step into your potential
and truly thrive?

Then schedule an appointment today! Why not make today, the first day of the rest of your life? You deserve it! Call me at 954-391-5305 to schedule your complimentary consultation. For more information visit my website.


Looking to get to know me a bit better? Click here to watch an episode of “The Best Life Series”, my bi-weekly vlog series where I sit down with inspired professionals that share their wisdom to help you thrive!  

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"Rave Reviews"

“Alex is a truly talented therapist, who not only listens to her clients but wholeheartedly cares about their overall well-being. Her approach is multidimensional and she works with you to realize your true potential. She customizes her approach to meet her client’s needs and genuinely took the time to form a sincere relationship with me.I recommend Alex’s services with the utmost confidence and know that she can help you transform your life the way she has helped to transform mine. You won’t regret choosing her to navigate whatever it is you are going through.” 


-Client managing school, career and difficult relationships  

“My therapist referred me to Alex Gard after I experienced a traumatic event which left me lethargic, depressed and highly anxious. With Alex’s guidance, I embarked upon a post traumatic journey which helped me to bring out my true, energetic, life-affirming self. An avowed caregiver for others, for the first time, I was finally learning to care about myself. Through Alex’s compassionate and attentive counseling, I have been uncovering my own path and determining my own joyful journey. In an ironic twist of fate, I am facing my greatest challenge yet, the concurrent illnesses of my sister and husband- my cherished support team. With Alex’s help I am better able to cope with the stress of caring for them, while making sure I remember that I still matter. Alex is the conduit that connects me to my better self.”

-Client learning to reconnect with herself after trauma  

“Alex has a compassionate and gentle manner. Our sessions helped me to see the pathway in a very dark forest. She provided appropriate guidance to facilitate my healing. Alex’s approach helped me to better understand the patterns I found myself stuck in, and helped me to create healthier ways of engaging with others. Her approach was perfect for me.” 

-Client rebuilding her life post-divorce

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