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Tahnee Mendez
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
"Empowering Adults, Teens and Their Families
to Transform Their Relationships"

Tell me about your relationships with your friends, family, or partner.  Maybe you would define your relationships as "good," yet you can't help but desire a deeper connection and more understanding.  Sometimes, you feel as if communicating has become challenging and difficult. You've tried to express your desires, expectations, and needs only to feel unheard or misunderstood.  Know you are not alone. 


Have you ever questioned what is missing or what has shifted? Maybe you have been feeling bad about what you said, what they did, or what you didn't do.  If only you could find the freedom to move past the regrets and connect to what could be in your future.


If only there were a way to let go and be liberated from old ways of being that no longer fit.  Well, it is possible. You can have the relationships you want.  You can stop beating yourself up for big mistakes and little ones. 


Let me help you liberate yourself from outdated ways of how to define relationships. On how they should work and the roles you should play to be free to be who you are.  

Learn More About How I Help Teens & Adults to Transform Their Lives 
My Coral Springs Counseling Services 

Counseling for Teens: 


You are worried about your teen.  Do you often wonder what happened to that child you once knew?  Maybe they've been more irritable, disengaged, and unmotivated.  Nothing you say is right, no matter what you say and how you say it.  If this sounds familiar, then let's talk for a minute.  First, you are not a bad parent.  Second, your teen has not been abducted and replaced by an alien from the planet "it's not fair, and you don't get it."  


Your teen is trying to figure out the world and their place in it.  Try to think back to when you were a teen.  You were told you needed to be mature, yet you were not given the opportunity to make your own choices.  This can be a scary time and although they won't say it they really need your support now more than ever. 


Imagine being able to talk to your teen, even about the hard and uncomfortable stuff.  Envision connecting to your teen in a way that makes you feel fulfilled and your teen to feel heard. Knowing that although you might see things differently, you are still on the same team.  


Let me guide you toward the relationship you always wanted. It’s not just possible. You can make it happen. 

Call for a complimentary phone consultation or to set up your first appointment at 954-391-5305.

Counseling for Young Adults: 


Adulting, ughhh are we there yet?

If you're a young adult, you've probably heard lots of messages from family and perhaps even friends about all of the expectations for how you "should" be living your life... Maybe they told you should go to school or have a career... Maybe they told you that you should work hard, move up the career ladder and make money... Or maybe they told you that you need to settle down, buy a house, get married or have a family...

Whatever messages you've been told about how you should be living your life and "adulting", we've all been there. We have all received similar guidance and advice from people who care about us, and want us to be happy. The only problem with this is that we all know a one-size-fits-all plan doesn’t quite fit, does it?


The challenge with Adulting is finding our own way and coming up with a plan that is unique to us and fits who we are and what we want. There is no clear game plan on how to get there that works for everyone. We can follow all the rules. Check off all the boxes, but still be left feeling lost, confused or overwhelmed. 

At times, it can seem like everyone around us has it all figured out, except for us.  


If any of this sounds familiar, let me be the first one to share with you, the big secret, I discovered when navigating this experience many years ago... Everyone, at some level, is faking it until they make it! I promise!


There is nothing wrong with you and your are not alone in this experience. 

I remember feeling the very same way. Trying to make it look like I had it all figured out, yet feeling lost. It felt heavy and anxiety provoking. That’s when I decided to seek the support of a therapist. 

My therapist helped me gain my own clarity. She encouraged me to look at the "shoulds" I was trying to live up to and decide whether that’s what I really wanted. From there she offered support and guidance in how to create my own way to do adulting that was more in line with my goals and values. 

This is what I would love to do with you. 

Imagine being able to feel and know that the decisions you are making come from a deep understanding of what you actually want out of life. How would this shift how you feel about life, your future and your goals?

Counseling for Women: 


Life is always changing. Just when you think things have finally settled; boom a new unexpected challenge comes your way. Challenges come in many different forms, whether it’s building a new career, raising a family, buying a home, having a relationship or just keeping it all together and making it happen. Although these life stages can all be beautiful experiences, they require us learn how to cope with change and uncertainty. 


Navigating life transitions isn’t easy and can make us feel overwhelmed, frustrated and stuck. Maybe we feel like our life isn’t how we thought it would be. We feel disconnected from who we once were and what we once thought we wanted. Although these feelings are all “normal“, “normal” doesn’t feel fulfilling. If this sounds familiar then your in the right place. Deciding to seek support from a therapist is a great place to start reclaiming your joy. 


As a therapist, who has a great passion for working with women, I would love to support you in rewriting your story and living the life that you’ve always wanted. Often times we are so busy taking care of everything and everyone else that we forget about what we need and want.


In therapy, I want to help you reconnect with your brave and resilient spirit by providing a safe space to explore and rediscover your confidence and passion. I would love to support you as you develop new skill sets to cope with the changes happening in your life. It can be very empowering when we newly discover, strengths and capabilities we forgot we once had. When we do this we unlock our ability to live a life of renewed purpose and fulfillment. 

It would be my privilege to walk through this journey with you. 

Family Therapy: 


Families! Can’t live with them, can’t live... (you know how the saying goes...)

Whether it’s a family you were born into or a family you chose; let’s face it you love them and at the same time,  they can be so frustrating! So many different personalities, opinions, and perspectives, at times all living under the same roof. Can anyone say... challenging?


It is no wonder that many families experience struggles such as: conflict, resentment, disappointment, communication breakdowns, lack of fulfillment, connection, and/or distance with cut off relationships. Every family has unique challenges so you're not alone. The good news is that family therapy can help.


In family therapy, you will learn effective strategies to communicate your wants and needs, discover new ways of connecting and having fun with each other, create more realistic expectations, and develop new coping skills to navigate tough situations together. It won’t always come easy, but doing the work will be so worth it. You deserve to have a fulfilling relationship with your family! Let me help you get there.

My Story
Tahnee Mendez Coral Springs Therapy.jpg

I started working in the mental health industry in 2004.  I received my master's in Marriage and Family therapy in 2007.  Through this experience, I learned that I have a deep commitment and true passion for my work.  


Finding what I was truly meant to do wasn't easy, but I'm so grateful I did.  I began my private practice in 2013 as the owner of Relationships Redefined and have made it my goal to bring freedom, confidence, and compassion to the world.  


What is important to know about me is that I am trilingual.  I speak English, Spanish, and Teenager!

Just For Fun

I was born in New York, and came to Florida for high school, shocking, I know, lol. 


I’ve always known that I have a passion for helping people and found myself “playing” therapist to friends and family most of my life. I am passionate about animals, and I am a strong advocate for their humane treatment. I aspire to be a dog mom to several dogs, don’t judge me! 

Some of my favorite things to do is to spend time with my core group of friends and my family sharing meals, laughing, and connecting on a deeper level. Many years ago, I worked in the restaurant business for over 12 years and I would consider myself a foodie. I truly love going to different restaurant openings and exploring different cuisines. 

I love to travel and experience new cultures; it reminds me that my world is just a tiny part of the big picture. 

The beach has become my safe haven, and a place I go for clarity. It's a calming and grounding place for me. 

I have come to appreciate the healing and centering effects of exercise, but I must admit that I am often on the struggle bus with being consistent. I hope this gives you a bit more insight into who I am as a person. 

Why Work with Me in Therapy? 

It is my goal to meet you wherever you are and connect with you through understanding, compassion, and a lot of humor. I'm passionate about my work and rewarded by seeing my clients lives change in amazing ways! If you're ready to live a life more in alignment with your goals and dreams, let's get started! 

I offer flexible hours and offer evening hours for your convenience. I provide counseling for teens, adults, and families in English and Spanish at our beautiful Coral Springs office. I also provide online counseling through our secure telehealth platform for those who reside in the state of Florida. 

Take the Next Step, Let's Connect!

Contact me today at (954) 391-5305 so we can discuss how I can help you and/or your loved ones.

I provide counseling at our Coral Springs offices as well as online via our secure telehealth platform for those who reside in the state of Florida. I provide therapy in both English and Spanish. 


I look forward to speaking with you! 

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