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Simone Finnis, LMFT
"Transforming the Lives of Children, Adults, Couples & Families"

Life isn’t always easy. Sometimes, even the strongest amongst us need a little bit of help to work through some of life’s more challenging problems.

Everyone has battles to fight and obstacles to overcome at some point. Whether you or a loved on struggle with anxiety, depression, self-esteem, relationship conflict, past trauma, overwhelm, or any other issue, you should know that there is hope for a better tomorrow.

Hello, I am Simone Finnis, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist founder of Simple Therapy Now. I provide evidenced-based, supportive and compassionate therapeutic services that promote growth, transformation and renewal that make difference in my clients’ lives.


Being relational and systemic in my approach, I view problems and challenges as inter-related.  Whether that relationship is self to self, with others, your surroundings with things or even substances, my goal is assist you in unpacking and developing healthier thinking patterns, behaviors, interactions, and solutions that lead to more rewarding life experiences.  

My treatment modality is primarily Solution-Focused Brief Therapy.  I also utilize other evidenced based strategies from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Person Centered, Play Therapy, Structural and Intergenerational Family Therapy and Mindfulness.  

As a Solution-Focused therapist, whether I am working with a school aged child, a senior, couples or families, we collaborate to set achievable, manageable goals, and measure that we are making meaningful progress towards these goals.


Together, we notice and highlight what is already working in your life, while creating a path for a happier present and future. My clients gain tremendous benefit from this positive, strength based, accepting, and practical approach.

Ultimately, I truly believe that each person is their own north-star and with a little help, support, and sometimes the necessary tools and skills each individual can soar to reach their highest potential.     

How I Help Children, Adults, Couples, & Families Live Their Best Lives...

My Fort Lauderdale Counseling Services

Counseling for Adults:

Most of us desire to feel a sense of inner peace, freedom and agency in our lives.  Navigating life’s challenges can sometimes make us feel uncertain and fearful preventing us from fully enjoying life.  At varying stages of our lives, some of us are suddenly confronted with an issue that affect us in a way that it hadn’t previously.  


Sometimes we are faced with resolving concerns that we did not have the time, interest or strength to deal with in the past. In other cases we are forced to make changes because we or others around us ‘feel sick and tired of being sick and tired’ of the same old actions or behaviors.  Other times we may have life experience or physiological conditions that contribute to sadness, depression or low mood.

  • It may be that you suffer from anxious thoughts on an ongoing basis.  

  • Possibly you find yourself confused or uncertain what the next step to take is?  

  • Perhaps you question your decisions and end up feeling stuck? Maybe you feel overwhelmed and stressed with life’s daily tasks?  

  • Or you may struggle with a sense of loneliness or sadness.

  • Perhaps you feel “blah” and unable to accomplish simple daily tasks.

  • Maybe you struggle with finding a sense of purpose or fulfillment?  

  • Do you find that you are not able to value yourself or find worth in who you are?  

  • Do you find yourself pulled in several directions unable to say no when appropriate?

  • Possibly, you have ongoing conflict or past hurts with significant relationships in your life that cause strain, and concern?  

Whatever challenges you’re facing, I can help.   There are many different ways that I assist people in overcoming problems by increasing self-empathy, awareness and clarity while charting a course for success.  For some, that success is exploration and reintegration of mind-body-spirit connection. For others, it is learning tools strategies and skills that improve coping, enhancing responses to life circumstances and relationships more effectively.  And still for others, its increasing self-love, while recovering and healing from past trauma’s, hurt or pain

Some of my individual clients notice they have developed unhelpful habits and self-view that negatively impact their lives. For example, have you ever felt pressured to reach unrealistic expectations of yourself leaving you feeling discouraged or even bitter?  Do you find you have unhealthy behaviors that distract from your life goals and negatively impact your life and the lives of those around you? Maybe you find that you consistently display strength for everyone else but pay scant attention to yourself and your needs? Perhaps you struggle with work-life balance?

People tend to find support in our work together recognizing their self-worth through self-esteem building, learning assertiveness and employing appropriate boundaries.   Many also find benefit as we explore and define their values and begin living a value centered life versus one led by circumstances and situations. For others it is addressing unhelpful thinking patterns causing unintended pain and suffering.

Incorporating an evidenced-based therapeutic approach with complementary approaches such as gratitude building, forgiveness work and mindfulness, many of my clients feel a sense of freedom and transformation.  I also specialize in helping working mothers and women seeking to reestablish a sense of self through exploration and rediscovery. Whatever your situation I work collaboratively you, along with other treatment professionals in your life to assist in reaching your goals, recognizing your dreams, allowing you to feel more fulfilled and excited about your life.

Counseling for Children, Teens, Parents, & Families: 

Raising children is both challenging and rewarding.  And as a parent myself I am aware of the many up and downs parent and families encounter on this journey. Every family is unique and has a specific set of challenges, strengths and goals.

  • Perhaps you are unsure how to help your child with symptoms and behaviors related to ADHD, ASD, and OCD, general or social anxiety?  

  • Maybe your child seems moody or unmotivated?

  • Possibly, you are struggling with a defiant teenager or a teen who participates in risky behaviors?  

  • Or maybe, technology or social media has taken over your child or teenager’s life.

  • Perhaps you have noticed that conflict only seems to increase as your kids get older.  

  • Or dysfunctional interactions between siblings, whether child or adult, result in a significantly detrimental effect on entire family?

I provide parents and families practical skills, tools and resources that support enhanced functioning and improved dynamics.  Whether it is your adult child, school aged child or teenager you are always a parent although roles change. I help parents and families navigate challenges and changes while providing skills to enhance communication and problem solving. I also help families increase relatedness and closeness.

There may be other areas where as a parent you may feel concern.   


  • Does your child struggle with academic or social interaction issues?

  • Are you unsure how to manage a child with perfectionist tendencies?

  • Do you find yourself feeling frustrated or having a sense of overwhelm when it comes to parenting?   

  • Do you find you have a different parenting style than your spouse, partner or other individual with whom you share parenting responsibilities, leading to discord and confusion within the family?

  • Possibly you are unclear about how to provide discipline that works?

  • Or are you uncertain how best to support your child or adult child experiencing a life challenge?

  • Has your family experienced a significant life change or loss that has caused disruption, grief or decreased family cohesion?  

As an Active Parenting Coach - a nationally and SAMSHA recognized evidenced-based parenting program, I teach parenting classes in schools and workshops imparting valuable tools and skills parents.  Additionally, prior to entering private practice I worked in outpatient settings, with youth and young adults experiencing co-occurring disorders such as substance abuse, along with anxiety, depression or self-harming behaviors.


I have extensive experience helping clients and their families address mental, emotional, and behavioral issues.  This background helps me to effectively help your family in addressing mental health diagnoses, behavioral issues and a diversity of challenges that your impact family’s life.

I help families feel successful once again building on their strengths and each individual’s competencies.  I especially enjoy working with young people in building their self-esteem recognizing that belief in themselves can helps then to be more resilient when facing challenges.  


I also teach effective mindfulness practices, which promote slowing down, determining what’s important, helping families experience more calm and appreciation of life. Children and families working with me notice an increase in character development, maturity, family harmony, problem solving skills, and recovery from destructive or unhealthy family patterns while gaining a sense of freedom.   

Couples Counseling & Marriage Counseling:

You might be initially hesitant to seek out help and support for personal matters, but when you do, understand that you are taking a courageous first step towards getting to a better place in your relationship.  

  • Do you wish to feel more passion, excitement and closeness in your relationship?

  • Have you experienced infidelity causing erosion of trust and pain in your relationship?

  • Are behaviors, partner styles, or habits complicating how you do life together?  

  • Is lack of intimacy a problem in your relationship?

  • Does your relationship feel like you are just going through the motions?

  • Are you unable to communicate effectively or discuss sensitive topics?  

  • Do you find that issues go unresolved and are just “swept under the carpet”?

  • Does your relationship feel unbalanced or do you feel undervalued or unheard?

  • Is your couple relationship or marriage affected by parenting issues?    

  • Maybe you have religious, cultural or value differences that cause conflict and distancing?  

  • Is your relationship affected by fertility issues?

  • Perhaps there challenges with in-laws or intergenerational family patterns that negatively impact your relationship?

  • Are you engaged and want to set a solid foundation for your marriage future success?  

As a Certified Prepare-Enrich facilitator I specialize in helping couples revitalize and strengthen their relationships.  Couples seek out my services to gain insight into their behaviors, identify and respectfully articulate needs, refocus on what’s important in order to bring back feelings of love and joy to their relationship.  

Couples learn appropriate skills that support their growth, enhance communication, strengthen their commitment to each other while developing and achieving their goals.  Couples also explore and learn the value of true intimacy in their relationship helping them to discover or rediscover excitement and playfulness.

Equally important for many couples and marriages is dealing with a trust event.  Trust events take many forms, such as infidelity, misuse of finances, hidden or overt destructive habits, to name a few.  Overcoming, healing, and feeling closer, after trust has been suddenly broken or eroded over time, takes a skilled yet empathetic approach working closely and dedicatedly together to achieve lasting results. It is not easy to go through these events; however, many of my clients have not only gone through but have grown through these situations declaring that they have never felt closer or happier.  

Moreover, adequately preparing for marriage is another valuable component to having a successful lifelong relationship.  That is why I offer the Prepare-Enrich assessment a nationally recognized evidenced-based tool that helps couples discover their strength and necessary growth areas.   Statistics show couples who participate in a premarital course reduce the chance of divorce by 30% and an increase in couple satisfaction.  I am passionate about couples setting a good foundation for their future by addressing issues upfront while highlighting their strengths.   I also offer Christian Based and Faith Based couples therapy upon request.

Call Today to Get Started!

Simply put my goal is to help you grow through your challenges, by uncovering and discovering your strengths, function more effectively, and feel a sense of well-being and self-acceptance.  I aim to promote growth, transformation and renewal in your life.

I provide counseling at our beautiful Fort Lauderdale office and online for those who reside in the state of Florida via our secure telehealth platform. 

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me and my practice, Simple Therapy Now.  Contact me today for more details at 954-391-5305 for your complimentary phone consultation so we can discuss how I can help.


I look forward to speaking with you! 

"Rave Reviews"

“With a background in Human Development myself , I have long been an advocate of preventive mental health. I believe it is critical to see the signs of crisis and address it quickly. I have taken myself in for regular check ups over the years, and some recent issues with my now adult kids took me to Simone on the recommendation of a very trusted friend. I have not found a lot of deeply competent counselors in my 25 years in South Florida, so Simone blew me away. She helped me find my center quickly, identify old issues that were presenting themselves in a new form and find new healthy strategies for dealing with them. She helped me get to, I think for the last time, to the bottom of some old hurts, angers and frustrations and let go of them. It has been some months since we worked together, and I still carry the wisdom of what I learned and practiced under her guidance. It did not take long, and it is standing the test of time. What Simone does, she does not so much as a job, but an art form, which works because she is profoundly loving, patient, perceptive and optimistic.”


-C.S., Fort Lauderdale ~ mother of 3 adult children

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