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Jennifer Perez, LMFT
"Helping families raise healthy and confident children to lead our world." 

Let’s be honest, parenting is hard! Parenting in this day and age, even harder! No number of books, blogs and articles you read really prepares you for the daily surprises of parenting. Children are faced with new challenges, some of which are unique to their generation.  


Often times, it may seem like no matter what you say, or how you say it, you just can’t get through to them. Engaging a mental health professional can help bring new perspectives to an old problem and together find a solution that works best for your child and family. 


It can be a struggle to find the balance between parent and friend. You want your child to confide in you, but often find you’re speaking a foreign language to each other. Fostering a healthy connection with your child, one that allows you to parent them, and also be able to talk about the “fun,” stuff is possible.


I help children and families get comfortable talking about the uncomfortable. These tools are meant to be learned and practiced in therapy, but the hope is that you will take these tools with you long after we have achieved our goals together and continue to reap the benefits. 


I will create a safe space for your child to share and learn, while incorporating family support to ensure lasting transformations.  I work with children from 18-months-old to age 18, and their families to help create healthier relationships and lead happier lives.

Learn More About How I Help Kids and Families Live Their Best Lives...
My Counseling Services 

My approach to therapy is one that focuses on building a relationship with the client/family in order to safely and comfortably address and achieve their therapeutic goals. I work with children from 18-months-old to age 18. I often utilize play therapy and art therapy techniques when working with younger children, CBT techniques when working with older children, and incorporate enhanced parenting techniques to promote progress beyond the therapy room. 


Specific services I offer are:

Infant Mental Health Counseling (Ages 0 - 5):


This service is for you if your toddler or child displays a challenging temperament, conflict with siblings/peers, and defiance. Caregivers are important to client’s progress and are required to be active participants throughout the therapeutic process. Together, we will help your child develop age-appropriate emotional and social skills leading to a happier child and family. 

Child & Teen Counseling: 


This service is for you if your child is experiencing difficulty at school and/or home, misconduct, poor decision-making skills, low confidence, self-esteem, anxiety, depression, life transitions, grief and loss.  Children engaged in these services will learn to identify and verbalize their feelings and needs appropriately and implement healthy coping skills to manage stressors. 

Family Counseling:

This service is for you if you find your family often avoids each other, difficult conversations, or even regular conversation. Let us help you “lighten the air,” at home. These services will assist families in creating and maintaining positive interactions and communication to promote a loving and peaceful home environment.

Parent Coaching:

This service is for you if you find yourself having a difficult time managing your child’s challenging behaviors, difficulty implementing rewards/consequences and creating boundaries with your family unit. You will learn to create lasting connections with your children while maintaining healthy parental boundaries.

My Story

Before the term “binge-watching” was coined, I was very much a fan of watching hours and hours of Law & Order: SVU. I was fascinated by the character that played the role of a forensic psychologist, tasked with getting young children to open up after experiencing some traumatic event. That is where my curiosity for psychology sparked. 


I’m not sure if these marathons are to credit, but I was observant in my youth. I took note, was even greatly appreciative, and cognizant of my privilege growing up. I understood the role my parents sacrifice and the role of community support (educators, coaches, etc.) had on my overall success, both as a child and presently. 


As I went through my undergraduate schooling, I realized forensic psychology wasn’t exactly what I wanted to do, but I did find my way to family therapy. Family therapy allows me to share my passion for ensuring healthy children are raised into the world with family and community as their foundation. 


As a family therapist I am part of the community support your family can look to for added support and guidance. My goal is to help families raise healthy and confident children to lead our world. 

My Background
Jen Rosario

I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the state of Florida. I earned my Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy from Nova Southeastern University. I received my bachelor’s in Psychology from Florida International University, with a second major in Criminal Justice. 


While at NSU I completed special electives in suicide prevention, crisis intervention, and family play therapy. 


Since graduating from NSU, I have completed additional trainings in Infant Mental Health Counseling, Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Adoption Competency. 


I have had the honor of working with children and families in multiple settings such as schools, daycare, home, and in the community. These opportunities have allowed me to tap into unique and creative ways to reach my clients, and collaborate with different members that contribute to the client’s development and well-being.

Just For Fun
  • Coffee is my best friend, cycling is my therapy and family is my biggest love. 

  • I love slow mornings with a good cup of coffee, meditation and journaling, and watching the sun rise. 

  • Trying new wines during date night is a must! 

  • I’m a nature person if the beach counts as nature. Hiking sounds cool, but bugs and wildlife does not. 

  • My ideal vacation is laying on a beach despite living in a state surrounded by beaches. I dream of cool weather during autumn and winter seasons, but quickly snap out of it any time it’s cooler than 60 degrees. 

  • And if I could live at Barnes and Nobles, I would! Books are my happy place and signing up for a library card is probably one of the smartest financial decisions I’ve made in my adult life..

Why Work with Me? 

Parents often share how shocked they are their kids warm up to me so quickly. Children often express looking forward to sessions. Families often expressed gratitude for the tools and techniques provided in session they were able to use outside of session, to improve their situation and relieve the family’s stressors. Through play, humor, education and support your family can navigate and thrive through life’s daily challenges. 


I utilize fun, creative and interactive therapeutic techniques to connect with children and help them learn to identify and verbalize their feelings and needs appropriately in a safe environment that does not feel like therapy. You won’t bring them in kicking and screaming… okay maybe just on day one before we officially meet! I promise to also bring my wit and humor to sessions with your kiddo!


Therapy is not a punishment and I will work to make sure your child does not feel like it is. I will help your child understand this journey is for their growth and safety. 


Spanish-speaking services are available. Telehealth sessions and flexible scheduling available.  

Building Healthy Families Starts Here...

Contact me today to get your first session scheduled. I offer FREE 15-minute consultations to answer any questions you may have and to see if we will be a good fit.


I look forward to meeting with you and see how I can help you and your family lead happier and healthier lives. I can be reached at 954-391-5305.

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