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Jeffrey D. Mandelkorn, PhD 
"Helping adults to find their strengths, create change,
and live more congruently."

Much of the frustration and distress we face is a result of using old solutions for new problems. Relationship conflict, addictive behaviors, and emotion dysregulation are often signs of internal unrest or "unfinished business."


I provide individuals with a supportive, nonjudgmental place to express their emotions, explore the problematic issues, and find new ways to change their unhelpful patterns. My clients take the lead in therapy which can be both empowering and generative of new ideas and potential solutions. My clients come away from therapy with an increased sense of self awareness and are better able to handle future problems.


In addition to being a licensed psychologist, I am also a Florida Supreme Court certified family law mediator. Much of my mediation style is informed by my clinical practice. Self-determination, collaboration, and conflict resolution are the keys to successful mediation. I emphasize the importance of focusing on building a better future for everyone involved. I am happy to consult with individuals or couples who are facing difficult decisions regarding family issues, whether they be represented by counsel or are simply gathering information.

Dr. Jeffrey
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Counseling for Adults: 

I help adults struggling with problems related to phase of life transitions, addictive behaviors, and unhelpful and unhealthy interpersonal patterns. Often times these problems are accompanied with depression, anxiety, and traumatic stress reactions.


Many of the people I work with possess motivation and insight, but lack the structure, specific skills, and a supportive environment to turn insight into action. The course of therapy might include skills practice, trauma processing, and working through existential angst or anxiety.


I am also experienced in assisting people working through gender and sexual identity issues, as well as those struggling to develop their healthy, integrated sense of self. I am an LGBTQ+ ally and I have developed an awareness of some of the unique issues that can arise and an appreciation for helping someone work through them. 


Licensure Supervision for Mental Health Counseling Interns: 

I am a qualified supervisor (QS) for registered interns pursuing their professional license in mental health counseling (MHC). I offer supervision in various formats, including individual, triadic, and groups. I use a developmental model of supervision and I approach to clinical development and training that emphasizes the three major components of supervision: the normative, formative, and restorative. Qualified supervision is an essential part of clinical training and I am excited to use my knowledge and skills in this area to assist those pursuing supervised clinical experience during their registered internship.

Family Law Mediation: 


I am also a Florida Supreme Court certified family law mediator. In this capacity I assist couples who are either thinking about divorce or those who have representation and in process. Family law mediation involves issues related to division of assets and debts, shared parenting plans, child support, alimony, and other entitlements. Family law mediation is a process of self-determination, voluntariness, and transparency, and these principles run through my approach to mediation and dispute resolution.

My Story
Dr. Jeffrey

I was drawn to psychology and personal growth from an early age. As the youngest of three, I found myself mediating disagreements between my older siblings, often as the voice of calm and reason. Psychology classes put words and definitions to these familiar experiences, and my love for the practice of psychotherapy was born.


The study of the psychology and personal growth sparked a passion for understanding the complexities of the human experience and how our environment shapes these experiences. As I continued through my graduate training and into the field of private practice, I became more skilled in both connecting with my clients and assessing how best to help them.


My pride and passion show through my work, and I am fortunate to be able to feel so fulfilled from helping others.

My Background

I completed my bachelor of science degree in psychology at the University of Florida, which was an amazing college experience. I took advantage of various opportunities to develop my professional interests and goals, being sure to make time for a few football and basketball games (Go Gators!).


I left college with a sense of determination and excitement for psychology that continued to grow through graduate school. I obtained my PhD in clinical psychology from Nova Southeastern University. During my graduate training, I worked under several supervisors and faculty members who helped me refine my clinical approach and instilled a professional confidence in me.


I maintain a relationship with Nova Southeastern University to this day, where I serve as a clinical supervisor for current pre-doctoral psychology trainees and as an adjunct faculty member.

Just For Fun

As a born and raised south Floridian, I enjoy most things under the sun and on the water. When not working, I can be found paddle boarding and fishing on sunny weekends.


I also enjoy reading, board games, and sci-fi movies and television series. I’m an avid animal lover and currently we have two cats and a rescue dog. 

Why Work With Me?

As a psychologist in private practice, the relationship with my clients is at the core of my work. I use my training, my experiences, and my heart to best understand each person with whom I work, their strengths and growth edge, and their capacity for growth and change. It’s a practice informed by research and individualized to each person’s unique context and needs. I offer flexible times and I strive to make high quality services accessible and available to you. 

Thinking About Reaching Out?

Take the first step and contact me to get started at 954-391-5305.


I offer a complimentary phone consultation, and I would be happy to answer any questions you may have about getting started. More information can be found at my website here.


I look forward to working with you and being a part of your change process towards reaching your goals.

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