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Dr. Halle Roebuck, LMFT 
“Empowering children, teens, parents, and families to focus on solutions rather than problems so they can live happier, more fulfilled lives.”

Welcome!  Thank you for visiting my page to understand more about how I can assist your child and/or teen live a more empowered, joyful, fulfilled, and healthier life.  


Navigating today’s world as an adult is a major challenge, so envision it like a child.  Children and teens are living in a different world today, and I am here to help provide a sense of stability in this ever-changing world.  


Just like adults, youth can have a difficult time communicating effectively, managing their emotions, and acclimating to change.  Our children are our most important part of our lives.  Empowered Counseling Services understands this.  


My approach uses your child’s strengths to help facilitate change and growth. I work from a collaborative perspective that involves both your child and I collectively working together to find solutions, navigate an ever-changing world, and develop goals to produce change.

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My Counseling Services in Plantation, FL

Counseling for Children & Teens:  


When working with me, your child will learn a variety of coping skills to add to their toolbox for use in times of stress. These skills can be utilized to help your child communicate effectively, acclimate to change, and manage their emotions. The needs of children and teens are changing as they grow and so will the different coping skills they use throughout their growth. Throughout our work together, I will continuously be adjusting my approach to meet the child or teen where they are at that moment. 


It is very important to me to get to know your child and build rapport and trust so we can create a relationship that is grounded in honesty, connection, and mutual respect. My approach to therapy is working from a strength based and cognitive behavioral perspective. I believe that we all have innate strengths within us that can help us focus on solutions rather than problems.  I utilize different activities in the therapy room to create a space that supports growth and inner exploration. 


I work with children ages 4 and up using a variety of therapeutic models that best fit the needs of the child. When working with children of all ages, I believe that parent involvement is imperative to the success of therapy. My style of therapy is to be creative, fun, humorous, and engaging. Whether your child is struggling with anxiety, ADHD, depression, peer pressure, low self-esteem, grief/loss, trauma, or more, counseling can help. Utilizing my approach, I will support your child in meeting their goals. 


Family Therapy: 


Families often need support while a child is receiving therapeutic services. I believe it takes a village to raise a child, and I am here to contribute to that effort. I also offer family therapy sessions to assist families in creating open lines of communication, boundary assistance, and strengthening connections within the system. 


The goal of family therapy is to create a safe space where every person in the unit is able to express their views and feelings. My role in family therapy is to be an unbiased perspective that joins the family unit. During family therapy sessions, I utilize an array of different approaches to assist the family in reaching their shared goals. My approach in family therapy is building on strengths that the family came with and utilizing these strengths to improve areas of dysfunction. 


Parent Coaching:  


When working with children of all ages, I believe that parent involvement is imperative to the success of therapy. Participating in parent sessions provides a structured conversation about the needs of the child and what tools are necessary to ensure the child and the parents are functioning at their full potential.


There is no such thing as the perfect parent, however there is such a thing as the evolving parent. The evolving parent is open to shifting their parenting style, creating new boundaries, and challenging their current communication styles.


When working with me, parents will be challenged to examine themselves as parents. My role is to support you throughout this coaching journey while pushing you to be the best evolving parent you can be.

Counseling for Children, Adults, Parents, & Families Impacted by Developmental Disabilities:

I have many years experience providing support to children, parents, and families impacted by a developmental disability (ie: Autism, Aspergers, or Down Syndrome), learning disability, or behavioral disorder (ie: ADHD or ODD). In addition to my work with clients, I also provide therapeutic support and coaching to the parents and family.


I believe in parent education, plenty of play, and a strength based approach in connecting, and collaborating to ensure a positive future for clients I work with. Behavior modification and an array of different tools is what I use when working with clients who are diagnosed with a developmental disability.


While building rapport and trust with the client, I will utilize different therapeutic approaches to help build new skills such as appropriate communication, rule following, maintaining positive peer relationships, and so much more. When working with families impacted by Autism, I provide a safe space to explore their emotions about the different experiences going on within the system.

My Story
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At a very young age, I knew I wanted to help people. I had a burning passion to see people succeed in all aspects of their lives. 


In my family, I am known as the “family psychologist” because I am always there to support everyone, while challenging them to be their best selves. This passion has pushed me into my career. I enjoy connecting with others and believe human connection is a powerful tool that drives change.

During my free time, I love spending time with my family, especially my Shih tzu, Benny. Benny is an AKC-certified therapy dog who loves to come to work with me.

My Background

I earned my Doctoral and Master of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy degrees from the Kiran C. Patel College of Osteopathic Medicine at Nova Southeastern University. I received my Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Florida State University. I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the State of Florida (MT 4020). 


I am certified in Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, solution-focused coaching, and Mind/Body Medicine. My clinical experience has included many years of providing therapeutic support to a community impacted by a school shooting. 


The population with which I work is children ages 4 and up and their families. I specialize in working with trauma, loss, anxiety/depression, developmental disabilities, and behavioral difficulties.

Why Work with Me? 

Every client has their own experiences and beliefs. My role is to create a safe and empathetic space that welcomes clients to explore these experiences and beliefs. 


Therapy for a child can be intimidating, annoying, and feel like a chore.  My therapy style gives children the power to utilize their session in a way that helps them foster growth, reflection, healing, and change. I believe that every person is the expert of their own life (yes, even children) and I can learn from all my clients. 

My all-time favorite quote is “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass…it’s learning to dance in the rain.”  At Empowered Counseling Services, we learn numerous styles of “dance”.

You Deserve to Feel Empowered…
Get Started Today!

Thank you for taking the time to learn about me and my practice. I encourage you to contact me today at 954-391-5305 to discuss setting up your first session.


I offer a complimentary phone consultation so you can get a sense of what it would be like to work with me and answer any questions you might have. I want to ensure that I’m the best fit for you and your family so let’s chat. 


I provide counseling for children, teens, adults, parents, and families at our beautiful office in Plantation, Florida located within the Bank of America building at the corner of North Pine Island Road and Sunrise Boulevard. I also offer online counseling for those who reside in the state of Florida via our secure Telehealth platform. 


I look forward to working with you! It is time to feel EMPOWERED!

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