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Alexa von Oertzen, LMFT
"Helping teens, adults, & families improve their relationships, conquer their challenges, & lead happier lives"

Only you know the deepest desires of your heart and in what areas of your life you could use collaborative mental health support from an empathetic therapist who wants to see you living your best life.

None of us were born in a vacuum. The relationships we've had through our lifetime impact us in many ways. From childhood to young adults and right through to old age, we are influenced as individuals by the bonds we experience. How we relate to the world and ourselves is heavily linked to who we grew up around and how we learned to behave in response to those relationships. 


I am Alexa von Oertzen, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the state of Florida and founder of Haven Family Therapy, offering each client the most useful customized therapeutic techniques in a safe and nurturing environment. My aim is to elicit personal growth, increase agency, and enhance your understanding of your purpose and worth in this life.


As a Brazilian American, I provide counseling in English and Portuguese for the Brazilian community.

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Learn More About How I Help Teens, Adults
& Families Live Their Best Lives...
My Counseling Services in
Coral Springs, FL& Fort Lauderdale, FL

My experience for the populations I support covers a broad range of mental health services and modalities. From adolescents to adults, I want to help you feel your best. I specialize in providing a range of services in English or Portuguese to help my clients connect with their own potential while healing from the hurts that hold them back from their true power.

Counseling For Adults: 


When working with adults, my experience covers the following areas:


  • Anxiety & Stress

  • Depression

  • Bipolar Disorder

  • Negative Thought Patterns

  • Self-Esteem

  • Trauma & PTSD

  • Grief & Loss

  • Life’s Transitions


Clients find my collaborative sessions helpful as we follow at their pace and preferred direction. This gives them the confidence to express their thoughts and feelings without feeling pressured or judged. The results then come from clients identifying recurring patterns present in their lives that have contributed to their negative frame of mind. 


They begin to increase awareness of their strengths, available resources, and worth within interpersonal relationships. This directly translates into positive mindsets, confidence, and long term improvement in their emotional well-being. 

Counseling For Anxiety & Stress: 

Social pressure, performance anxiety, too many obligations or past trauma may contribute to one or both as you try to hold it all together. It’s too much, and you feel that acutely, but you don’t have to bear it alone. Anxiety and stress therapy often mirror one another as they work deeply into the root of how you perceive yourself when the weight of the world presses on you. 

From uncovering the root of anxiety and stress to recognizing the impacts it’s having on your day-to-day life, we will work together to begin to unravel the sense of helplessness it can create. As an anxiety therapist, I can help you with adjusting thoughts, developing coping skills and instilling confidence in your capability to survive the hard moments so you can thrive in the beautiful ones.  You can expect to learn how to recognize the signs of overload, cope with anxiety and manage stress in your daily life through your own power. 

Counseling For Depression, Bipolar Disorder, & Mood Disorders: 

Depression can make you feel isolated. The burden of trying to manage it all alone can be overwhelming. If you are struggling with finding support for yourself in therapy to manage a mood disorder like Bipolar Disorder or depression, I can help. 

In a therapy session to overcome mood disorders, we will work together to rewrite the story of negativity that has a vice grip on your thoughts. You’ll be encouraged to access the tools and power you need to find hope and possibility in the life ahead of you.


Counseling for depression, bipolar and mood disorders is about more than finding hope. We will work together to process emotions, heal hurt and cultivate a sense of safety in your life through positive and adaptable coping tools. You can expect to discover better reflection skills, self-awareness, and a boosted sense of self-esteem along the way. 

Counseling For Trauma, PTSD, & EMDR Therapy:

Trauma and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) can happen to anyone. Whether you have experienced a disaster, traumatic event, or abusive situations, you may find yourself struggling to cope with how the world moves around you. You may also experience trauma a little bit at a time over long stretches of your life, rendering you numb and detached from the present and personal emotions.


No matter the size of the traumatic experience(s) you’ve endured, you deserve support for the difficulty it left behind. Trauma informed care is key to this. In counseling for individuals with trauma and PTSD, we’ll work together to understand what’s happened and how your mind has stored that information to hurt you, even now. You can expect to receive trauma informed care that uses a multidisciplinary approach with things like EMDR therapy to readdress self core beliefs and reach toward healing that supports your needs and perspective. 

I am a trained EMDR therapist and delighted to bring you this revolutionary treatment option. Used most notably for trauma, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy is a modality unlike any other. This process happens during your therapy session and is designed to help you safely face the pain of what’s hurt you. Meanwhile, EMDR treatment is actively reprogramming your brain at a core level to help you heal from the past. 

EMDR treatment is recognized across the world as an effective treatment for anxiety, chronic pain, depression, sexual assault, physical or emotional abuse, eating disorders, insomnia, grief, personality disorders and PTSD. 

Family Therapy: 

Whether you're overcoming a relationship issue or learning to communicate, family therapy can help you move toward healthier, more meaningful relationships. As a family therapist committed to the connectedness of community, I specialize in treatment to help you work through family conflict, poor relationship alignments, triangulations, lack of boundaries, issues with adoption, blended family issues, anxiety, trauma, teen academic and behavioral issues, teen self-esteem and improving parenting skills. 

Family therapy is different than group therapy but it doesn't happen one on one. It’s important to remember when working with families that we are all a part of a whole. For this reason, I believe the more, the merrier when you come to sessions with me as a family therapist. You are welcome to invite all the parties you need to family sessions so that we can build a 3D view of how relationships impact you. You can expect to develop awareness that will create a lasting change to benefits the whole family.

Counseling For Life's Transitions: 

Change is inevitable, but it’s rarely comfortable. When you’re trying to move past a change that’s impacted your life or emotional state profoundly, you may not know where to start in moving forward. 

Counseling for life transitions does not focus on where you’ve come from. Instead, we will work together from a solution-focused approach to identify where you need to be in the process of moving forward toward a future beyond the transition. You can expect plenty of space to process and understand what’s happened during the transition you’re experiencing as we take time to help you heal before making a plan for what comes next. 

Counseling For Men's Issues: 

Whether you appear to have it all or feel that you hardly appear on anyone’s radar, men’s mental health needs are often overlooked by society. You want to feel understood, supported, and like your mental health matters as much as everyone else’s even though you’ve never felt like you could express that in your daily life.


It’s likely that even if you know what you need, you’ve never felt validated in communicating that. Together, we’ll engage you in strengthening your confidence and self-awareness so you can take your professional and personal goals to the next level.

You want to prove your worth and admire your success while remaining sensitive to your emotional bandwidth, and I want to help you accomplish that. Men deserve support in improving their relationships, confidence, and communication skills so that they can better what matters most: their wellbeing.


Having a female perspective can also have its advantages, as you can take in consideration different viewpoints and expectations. You can expect to feel heard and validated as you learn to make sense of your inner needs and how to express them to your loved ones comfortably and confidently.

Counseling For Brazillians with a Portuguese Speaking Therapist:

​As a Brazilian-American therapist, I am in tune with the cultural and emotional needs of my people. The way we think, the way we relate, and the way we care is unique. I attribute my genuine care for others directly from my upbringing in Brazil. I offer all my therapeutic modalities in Portuguese to align better with my Brazilian clients.  I too am an immigrant and know the unique difficulties experienced when faced with a new culture set with different expectations and judgements.

I’ve previously been featured in the Florida Brazilian newspaper speaking about my passion for supporting this community. You can read more about counseling in Portuguese for the Brazilian community on my website

Counseling For Teens & Young Adults: 

Teenagers and young adults experience their inner and outer world in unique and profound ways. In response, my therapeutic approach to supporting teenagers is tailored to their individual and developmental needs.

For teens who are experiencing depression, anxiety, a lack of confidence, negative thinking or struggling with risky behavior, non-judgmental understanding and support is vital. I will work with you using a strengths-based approach that relates back to your attachment needs in childhood and also offers hope for the future. You can expect to find reliable ways to cope with new emotions, as well as a supportive and a safe space that validates you and encourages you to find your strengths and your worth.

Counseling For Women's Issues: 

Despite being encouraged to access and share their vibrant emotional world, many women struggle to manage the self-doubt they experience. Whether you know exactly who you are and what you want, or you’re hoping to figure that out in therapy, I can help you unlock the places where you feel stuck to access your full potential.

You can expect to be encouraged to reflect, explore and understand your past experiences and future aspirations through a combination of talk therapy and active approaches to self-healing and improvement during our time together.

My Approach

My passion lies in connecting with people, really listening to them, and being curious about how they have come to be where they are in their journey. To accomplish this, I utilize a blended modality in my sessions to ensure that each person feels empowered to overcome their circumstances. From talk therapy and beyond, there are many ways to encourage effective healing through psychotherapy.


Some of the theories and approaches that you’ll be able to access during our time together are: 

●  EMDR Therapy 

●  Solution-Focused Therapy 

●  Strengths-based Approach 

●  Cognitive Behavioral Therapy 

●  Narrative Therapy 

●  Systems Theory 

●  Transgenerational Therapy Model 

If you have a particular interest in one or more of these paths to a healthier, more confident you, I’d love to talk with you about how we can integrate it into your sessions. I am always happy to explore the best route to ensure we focus your resources in the areas of life where you will most benefit from support.

My collaborative sessions ensure my clients have the power of the pace at which we make progress toward the direction you want to go. This gives you the confidence to express your thoughts and feelings without pressure or judgement. This results in you learning to recognize recurrent life and thought patterns, which gives you long-term power over their own growth and self-awareness to prevent those same negative traps in the future. 

My Story & Background

I have read many religious and philosophical books which have given me a wide life perspective and spiritual foundation. Originally from Brazil before coming to the United States to study, I think that my early travels opened up my mind to the various philosophies and cultures available in the world.

It wasn’t until I adopted my 4-year-old daughter in 2009 that I left Corporate America and decided to enroll in the Marriage and Family Therapy Master’s Program at Nova Southeastern University. My career change became a huge gift in navigating parenthood as I was able to support my daughter. I was lucky that my work gave me the tools to help her navigate the trauma of her transition from Colombia to our life together. Today she is a strong teen that has all the capabilities of her peers and the heart and values to make anyone proud. 

My career in psychotherapy began with an internship at a local Intensive Outpatient Program, where I co-facilitated group therapy for patients stepping down from the hospital setting. I spent two years as an intern youth therapist dealing with an array of family issues before moving into a counseling role that supported at-risk teen and young adult girls. In this role, I realized my passion for supporting whole family healing through a systemic approach.  

In 2014, I opened my private practice working with adults and couples navigating life transitions, anxiety, depression, relationship issues, grief, and self-esteem struggles. My story has shown me how we can expand our lives infinitely when we are encouraged to access passion, perseverance, and confidence in ourselves. It prepared me for developing multidisciplinary approaches to support many people and populations effectively. I am honored and proud to work with such a high-quality group of clinicians at Bayview Therapy, where those around me feel the same.

A Little Fun
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I love to dance! I love all music and can't stand still to a good rhythm: Salsa, Merengue, Bachata or just plain silly dancing. My daughter gets so embarrassed when I start busting my moves in front of her friends.  

You will also find me at the beach with my family or out admiring nature when I am not in session. I love the sun, trails, animals, and fresh air.


These moments ground me and make me thankful for living in such a beautiful place as South Florida.

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You have the power to say,
“This is not how my story is going to end”

It can be difficult to put your trust and vulnerability in a therapist. You deserve to feel valued as you're encouraged to explore the experiences you've had to live the best possible life and I want to help you do that.

Call me today at 954-391-5305 to schedule your complimentary consultation or if you're ready to schedule an appointment. I provide counseling and EMDR therapy in our beautiful Fort Lauderdale, FL and Coral Springs, FL offices. Also, I offer online therapy through our secure telehealth platform for those who reside in the state of Florida.  


I can't wait to connect with you!

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Rave Reviews

"From the moment I walked into Alexa's office I felt very comfortable with her. I felt welcomed with a smile.

I had always felt that everyone was better or smarter than me, but not any more and that is thanks to my sessions with Alexa.  My life, my marriage, and business are booming, I cannot be happier my with life."

~David, Business Entrepreneur

"Alexa is the perfect match for any kid in the difficult teenage years, she is sweet and strong at the same time, made my daughter open up and that was an impossible task, I am extremely grateful with her, my daughter changed completely in less than 3 months of therapy. Thank you, Alexa, for caring so much and for all those times I called you and you gave me relief. You’re the best!"

~Mom of 11 year old teenager

"Thank you Alexa. You helped me forgive and heal, which assisted me in loving myself and the whole family so much better. You helped change my life. Your work is priceless, God bless you!"


-Adult individual client

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