Women's Empowerment Group

in Fort Lauderdale, FL

You Deserve to Put Yourself First 

As women, our obligations and responsibilities can seem never ending leaving us feeling stressed, depressed, overwhelmed, and sometimes even unfulfilled.


Let's face it, it's challenging to balance duties such as working, parenting, or caregiving with multiple roles of mother, wife, daughter, partner, or friend. It can seem like no matter what we do, it’s never enough. No matter how hard we try, our needs often fall to the back of the list. 


What price have you paid for your efforts to keep everyone else happy?

Maybe you’re struggling with family issues that you would like to resolve? Perhaps you’ve lost yourself in your relationships with others?  Maybe you’re feeling unfulfilled and want a renewed sense of purpose, passion and direction.


Whatever you're facing, you don't have to go at it alone. We're here to help, so let us support, encourage and empower you! 

You've Come to the Right Place


Have you been wanting to talk with others in a safe, supportive environment about some issues that are bothering you? Are you ready to discover your own voice, honor yourself, and live your truth in any situation?

This nonjudgmental group of women meets on a regular basis. Our group will provide a listening ear, support, and insight to your life challenges.


Imagine how amazing it would be to honor yourself and live your truth in any situation. You will learn to...

  • Feel happier and more fulfilled

  • Make healthier decisions

  • Have control of your life, in your home and at work

  • Treat yourself with respect

  • Be self-sufficient

  • Express yourself freely

  • Maintain boundaries in your relationships


Join Our Women's Support Group

Join us in a safe, supportive, and trusting environment to talk about your challenges and get feedback from others. Here you will be able to recreate your identity, discover your strengths, and connect with your true self.


Bayview Therapy 

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If you're ready to put yourself first, call us at 954-391-5305, ext. 1 to discuss the possibility of joining our Women's Support Group. The group is limited to five attendees, so reserve your spot now.

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