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How My Dad Inspired our Bayview Therapy Lighthouse Logo

Since June is the official month to celebrate Father’s Day, I wanted to share a quick story about how my dad inspired me growing up and still does today. I don’t typically share personal stories so this blog is a tad different, but fitting since it’s Father’s Day weekend.

I’m grateful to have had a close, meaningful relationship with my father. He’s is a hard working, passionate guy who is gifted as a true visionary. Growing up he worked a lot and traveled all across the world for his career. Yet, somehow he always made it home for our soccer games and equestrian competitions. He was always there for the important milestones in my life. My dad inspired me in many ways and one of the most evident is my entrepreneurial spirit.

One memory stands out in particular, when I was 13, I had to finish a series of books for homework. Every time I finished one of the books, my dad gave me a “clue” with a poem that I had to decode. Each poem held a promise of an adventure after I finished the series. I dashed through the books waiting for each new clue. I did my best to decode the poems, but couldn't figure out where we were going.

When I finished the series, my dad and I boarded a plane. We landed in Miami, drove to Key Largo, and stayed in the Faro Blanco Lighthouse. We went on a fishing adventure and I caught about 30 snook (see image above). It was epic!

That trip remains one of the most special times of my life with my father. Whenever I see a lighthouse, I think of him and the adventures we shared.

When choosing the symbol for our logo at Bayview Therapy, I decided on a lighthouse. In addition to the special meaning with my dad, it also represents hope, safety, and guidance helping people to find their path of healing through the dark.

As you know, running a business presents challenges My father has always been able to help me see hope and his guidance has given me tenacity and perseverance. I am forever grateful to my father.

If you’re blessed to have a close relationship with your dad, make sure you tell him how much you appreciate all he has done. If you haven’t had a close relationship with your dad or have a complex relationship, find someone else in your life who represented a father figure and express your gratitude to them. A little gratitude goes a long way…


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