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Free Counseling for Children of First Responders in Florida

We’re thrilled to announce that Bayview Therapy has partnered with the First Responder Children’s Foundation to provide FREE counseling for Florida based children (age 5 - 25) of first responders through the Resiliency Program.

First Responder Children’s Foundation is a nonprofit that supports first responders and their families with scholarships, grants, bereavement assistance, and mental health support. They are based in New York and are expanding their services to additional states with Florida being one of them.

Their goal is to help as many children, teens, and young adults from first responder families as possible. They offer a ton of amazing programs and are now focusing on mental health as part of their mission.

At Bayview Therapy, we also have a huge passion for helping first responders and their families. For the past several years, we’ve partnered with the Broward Sheriff’s Advisory Council (BSAC) to provide crisis counseling for the families of fallen officers and support their organization in many other ways.

We are honored for the opportunity to continue serving first responders and their families across the state of Florida through the Resiliency Program. We have vast experience working with the families of first responders and have several Certified First Responder Counselors on our team.

Through the Resiliency Program, children (age 5 - 25) of first responders are eligible to receive up to 10 counseling sessions for free. They must have at least one parent who is a first responder and can apply by submitting an application.

For more information about the Resiliency Program for children of first responders, see the below:

Here's the link to the Resiliency Program Application.


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