Natalie Kusturic, LMFT

Helping adults heal their past, live in the present

and commit to their future.

Have you ever woken up in the morning and wondered how did I get here? What was the moment you stopped being you and using your authentic voice? Did you sacrifice your true self  for family, friends, a career, a relationship with the hope if I do this then everything will be better, only to find things actually got worse?


Believe it or not this is a powerful place to be. You are standing at the door of self-awareness. The questions and the dissatisfaction with your life are an opportunity to redesign your internal and external world with conscious intent.


Life is an adventure eagerly waiting for you to jump into it fully. I work with adults and teens to develop a healthier view of themselves and their lives while breaking habits of thought and behavior which no longer support them so they can create the life they have imagined.

My Story

As a child with epilepsy I learned more about what I couldn’t do rather than what I could do. Learning was hard and I found I was bullied because of it. The messages I received were clear. I’m not good enough. I will never measure up. No matter how hard I tried, I assumed that everyone was going to be better than me.


Unfortunately, I carried these stories with me into adulthood. I wish I had dropped them sooner. I could have avoided lots of pain. However, there is knowledge in the pain. Once I started working on myself and understood the lessons, I shifted my life from sadness to joy and fulfillment. The pain does not need to be permanent. It is temporary and the power to change it is within me.


Psychotherapy, for me, is a creative practice of guiding others to reclaim who they are beyond their story of trauma. I am honored to help others own who they are and shine their light a little brighter.

My Background

I knew at an early age that I wanted to understand people and help them uncover their true selves. I earned a bachelor’s degree from New York University and a master’s from Pepperdine in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy.


For the first several years of my career, I worked with severely emotionally disturbed and traumatized children. Along the way, I became licensed as a Marriage and Family Therapist working primarily with children and families. While working with victims of domestic violence, I was driven to explore holistic therapies acknowledging the mind-body connection.


I make it a priority to always be learning and growing by attending relevant workshops and seminars each year. I have hosted many of my own, as well, when I ran community non-profits in Los Angeles and co-owned a holistic wellness center in South Florida where our team offered alternative healing modalities including sensory deprivation, yoga, acupuncture, therapeutic massage, tai chi, qigong, an organic tea bar, and an herbal pharmacy.


Alternative therapies are becoming more mainstream and can add tremendous value to a person’s overall mental and physical well-being. One powerful tool I use regularly with my clients is meditation. I love the simplicity of the practice and the way it enhances mental health.


I have seen the impact of my clients’ mental, physical and spiritual habits and practices across various aspects of life. By taking into consideration a person’s diet, fitness routines, daily habits, support system, and any spiritual practice, I can better understand how they live their lives.


Recently, I opened a Conscious Living Center called Casa Mannabliss with a collective of like-minded teachers in Delray Beach where I teach a weekly class on self-love. Read more here... Since you can never do enough to spread the love, I became involved in the Self Crush Project which is a self-awareness movement and a video podcast focused on helping people love themselves a little more.

Fun Facts

I swear no matter how old I get some things never seem to change. I have to be true to me. I am curious, driven and always learning. Every time I stretch myself beyond my comfort zone I develop a new skill, land in a new country or uncover some hidden part of me.


  • I travel whenever and wherever I can. I took my first flight at 6 months old and haven’t stopped since.

  • I am a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and at 16 had to register myself as a lethal weapon at the police station. It was an amazing day.

  • I have been eating organic since I was 14.

  • Exercise and nutrition are active parts of my well-being. I do this everyday.

  • I am Croatian. When I was a kid no one knew what this was and kept offering me scholarships for Ukrainian kids.

  • Los Angeles is my other home.

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Why work with me?

I am passionate about being a therapist. I love what I do. I love helping my clients see who they really are. I bring honesty, compassion, integrity and joy to my work. When things get hard for my clients I offer additional support via a Hipaa compliant text messaging service.

Get Started Today!

Call me at 954-391-5305 for a free 15 minute consult. For more information visit my website.

"Rave Reviews"

My sessions with Natalie were extremely helpful. With all the stress that I was dealing with the ability to talk from my own living room was a de-stressor. The fact that I could talk with her quickly, without waiting weeks for an appointment, certainly surpassed traditional counseling.  Natalie had great insights, which helped me clarify some problems I was dealing with. She is kind, smart and professional. I would highly recommend her. –K.P.


I have been doing text and video sessions with Natalie for a little over year- she is been a true lifesaver! I highly questioned if therapy could be helpful, especially web based therapy, but it really was the best fit for my busy lifestyle. I’ve made a lot of progress with Natalie, she’s very kind and knows the right questions to ask... she texts me responses several times a day, I love being able to reach out to somebody, to help me process what’s going on at that very moment. With therapy that’s just once a week, I didn’t get to address those moment-to-moment situations. Having the combination of text therapy and video session each week was a great combination. My anxiety has gotten a lot better, and I feel much more supported in this process. It’s clear that Natalie loves what she does, and she puts her heart and soul into the process- going above and beyond what any other therapist had in the past. Would highly recommend Natalie! –M.W.

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