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You Deserve to Heal and Move Forward with Therapy that Lasts

"Sometimes in the winds of change,

we find our true direction-Unknown

You have been doing your best, and you are looking for help and direction. While you cannot change what has happened in the past, you can work to learn from the past, discover your inner strengths, and create a better future. Our conversations will help you experience greater peace while going through life challenges and learn skills that will serve you for years to come.

Your therapist choice is an important decision. A good therapeutic relationship is essential for personal growth and change. Being heard and understood are vital in a relationship and you owe it to yourself to heal and to move forward.

My Story

As the owner of New Leaf Therapy, I use an integrative approach using a variety of theoretical models. I match the appropriate technique that best fits each client. I am certified in hypnotherapy and when desired I am able to incorporate meditation and/or mindfulness practices into the therapeutic process.


Due to my own experiences with losing loved ones to terminal illnesses, I have researched and written extensively on grief and loss. I integrate techniques from those approaches to support the development of skills that will enable you to cope more effectively with stress, painful emotions, and post-traumatic symptoms. This will also help you improve relationships and overall functioning.


Symptoms are like the tip of an iceberg. These can include negative feelings and/or behaviors. When you are motivated and given the resources, you can heal old wounds and move forward with a sense of well being and confidence. One of your most valuable resources is your therapist. Having a good therapist saves time and allows you to grow more quickly that you ever have before.


Whatever individualized treatment plan we agree upon, my primary guiding principle is to support you in achieving a quality of life in which you feel stronger, more resilient to outside influences, more capable of handling stress, and more confident and self-assured. More like your true, authentic self, more aware of your purpose in life.


Contact me and for a free phone consultation about whether we might be a good fit.

My Background and Experience

I received my Bachelor of Science in Psychology at Nova Southeastern University. While working as a staff member in the Nova University Psychology clinic and continuing my coursework, I discovered the systems approach to therapy in the Marriage and Family Therapy program there.


Due to losses experienced in my own life, I focused on grief and loss throughout the program. I obtained my Masters of Science and Ph.D. degree in Marriage and Family Therapy at Nova University.

Click here to listen to an interview on Business Talk Radio featuring my background and approach to working with adults through counseling and hypnotherapy. 

Fun Facts

I am very creative with color, enjoy therapeutic painting, and visits to the beach. I love deep conversations involving expression of past experiences, current challenges, and desired results. Therapeutic experiences are my art, looking at the deeper meaning of life’s happenings. Learning from the past will tool the future.

Why Work With Me? 

You owe it to yourself to heal, learn, and grow so that you live your life to your fullest potential. Your work with me will include support for your efforts, empathy for your emotions and feelings, and guidance as you realize your patterns, your innate gifts, and learning to care for yourself.

As any worthwhile relationship takes time to build, bringing your honesty and willingness to be open to new horizons will ensure a healing connection between us.

My training and perspective is on systemic therapy. Looking at the dynamics of relationships with others and your relationship with yourself will benefit you now and in your future.

You Owe it to Yourself to Heal, Learn, and Grow…
Contact Me Today!

If you’re ready to start your process of healing and growth, call me at 954-391-5305 for a free phone consultation.  Thank you for inviting me to join you on your journey. I look forward to speaking with you! For more information visit my website.

Rave Reviews

"I have been a colleague of Dr. Melissa's for over 10 years and am confident in recommending her skills as a therapist. She is a compassionate, open minded and accepting clinician who is passionate about supporting clients in becoming their best selves and relating in interpersonally effective ways. She is also dedicated to helping individuals and families through the grief process and life changes with empathy and warmth." ~Dr. Yukari Tomozawa

"I have known Dr. Melissa for many years and she has shown to be a compassionate and caring therapist. I am confident when I refer people to her, that they are taken care of with her calm and peaceful manner, and I highly recommend her." ~M. Musengo, Certified Chiropractic Assistant

"I had the wonderful opportunity to experience the Rewind Technique with Dr Melissa. I am truly confident of her skill and expertise as a clinician and would highly recommend working with Dr Melissa for trauma and phobia resolution.." ~ Daniela Romano LMHC

"From the moment I spoke with Ann, over the phone, I was immediately relieved and knew I had found the place that would help me, she was a kind and caring listener, and knew Dr. Melissa was the one to help. Dr. Melissa has in two sessions brought forth things I wasn’t aware were things holding me back in being in the here and now. She is an amazing listener and tailors sessions to your needs and abilities. I look forward to upcoming sessions where she can continue to help me through my recent loss." ~Patient in Grief Therapy

"Thank you Dr Melissa. :) I don't think you know how much I've progressed with you being here!" ~A


"I’ve been using the sleep recording every night and love it. It puts me right to sleep! It has been amazing!” ~AM

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