Candace Newton

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

“Helping adults heal and break the chains of pain, trauma and

addictions to find solutions and live a more fulfilled life." 

Our life experiences create a road map for how we perceive the world, relationships, and ourselves. When we experience trauma, attachment issues with our parents, abuse, toxic relationships, divorce, or a significant loss- we integrate that painful experience and often it leads to feelings of depression and anxiety, addiction and self-destructive behaviors.


We internalize these painful memories, suppress them, hoping that if we don’t think about them, they will go away. That may work for a while, though eventually these painful feelings will start to wreak havoc in your life. I am here to help you take that next step to a happier and more fulfilled life.

Working together, we will get to the root of the problem and discover why you think the way you think and do the things you do. Through collaboration, we will implement strategies to find solutions that bring you closer to your desired goals and living the life you deserve.

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My Services 

I help adults with the following challenges:

  • Trauma

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Mental Health

  • Addiction

  • Self Esteem

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT):


CBT is a therapeutic approach based on the understanding that psychological issues stem from unhelpful ways of thinking (cognitive distortions) and learned patterns of unhelpful behaviors. CBT helps us to draw a link between how our thoughts affect how we feel and ultimately how we behave.


With CBT, we do not necessarily need to dig into your past, but rather look at how this negative, unhelpful thinking is affecting your life currently. The goal of therapy is to move forward with a heathier way of thinking and to obtain an effective set of coping skills to utilize when life presents difficulties.


Drug and Alcohol Addiction Counseling:


I utilize my extensive experience working with drug, alcohol, gambling, and sex/relationship/love addictions by integrating 12-step recovery, SMART recovery, narrative therapy and relapse prevention into our sessions.


My approach is not a “one size fits all”. I use a non-judgmental and compassionate approach while discussing the underlying emotions, triggers, co-dependency, and other obstacles that prevent and complicate your journey towards recovery. Whether you have attempted to get sober a dozen times, or just admitted that you have a “problem”- let me help you navigate these difficult waters.


Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR):

Trauma tends to live in the body, contributes to negative thinking and greatly affects how we view ourselves, relationships, and the world. EMDR is a powerful and client-centered treatment to address trauma, phobias, OCD and anxiety. This process allows the brain to naturally heal from these traumatic events.


EMDR does not put you in a hypnotic state, erase certain memories or force you to relive the trauma moment by moment. You will still have the memories of the past, but the “fight, flight or freeze” stress response when thinking on this memory is resolved.


Before we start EMDR, I will focus on building trust and rapport to create an environment of safety and connection. I will also help you resource various coping strategies, so that you feel prepared to take on the brave task of working on your trauma. For more information and a video that further explains trauma, the affect it has on the brain and EMDR, please clink this link.

Solution Focused Therapy:


Sometimes we get entrenched in “problem talk”. We meet a new therapist and we immediately cycle through the problematic narrative we have been telling ourselves and others over and over again. We feel stuck and maybe even hopeless.


My solution focused approach helps you look at the times in your life when “the problem” was not a problem. I help you find solutions, set goals, motivate and assist with sustaining your desired behavioral change so that you can live your ideal life.

My Story

I graduated from Nova Southeastern University with a masters in Marriage and Family Therapy. My intention after graduation was to work with couples. However, I found myself working in some of the biggest treatment centers in South Florida.


I have helped many clients explore how their pain, addiction, and mental health issues create self-sabotaging behaviors, preventing them from reaching their goals and living the life they desire. I found that many of my clients had a trauma history, haunted by painful memories and traumatic images. They were locked in a pattern of using drugs, alcohol, sex, and self-harm as an attempt to temporarily provide some relief. I saw so many sick and suffering, that trauma work became my passion and focus in our sessions.


I used a multifaceted approach to help my clients begin the healing process and reignite hope that they could feel happy again. I was drawn to work with first responders, veterans, those with sexual abuse and complex trauma. I was able to connect with my clients and hold space for their pain in a calm and supportive way. I fostered a safe environment so that clients were able to process their most difficult memories. I


used EMDR to help those clients who were tired of repeating their trauma to another therapist, with no sense of relief after “talk therapy”. EMDR gave me a powerful tool to help my clients begin to see the light at the end of a dark and arduous tunnel.

I am excited to shift my focus from the treatment setting to outpatient care, as I join the wonderful team of clinicians at Bayview Therapy!

Just For Fun

I love to Crossfit and I am building my own garage gym! I believe exercise is such a wonderful way to decompress from our day and combat depression and anxiety.


I also love to cook! Food is my love language. I show my tribe love and admiration by making them a delicious meal. I was making cheese and charcuterie boards before they were trendy!


I also love holistic medicine. I personally use aromatherapy, acupuncture and herbs for total wellness and balance. I love animals and have recused 3 cats, who have quickly become my fur babies.

Why Work with Me? 

Our sessions will be collaborative, supportive, and motivational. I have various approaches that can offer insight, healing, and goal orientated thinking. You hold the keys to your success- you only need guidance, encouragement, and an advocate to discover the path to living your best life!

I offer flexible appointment hours including evening and Saturday hours by request. I also provide online sessions through Bayview’s secure telehealth platform.

Take the Next Step, Schedule Today...

Call me today at 954-391-5305 to schedule your first session. I offer a FREE 15-minute consultation to answer any of your questions about taking the next step.


I look forward to collaborating with you on your path to healing and wellness!

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